Ludo Cubes by Educatfal

I was recently contacted by Educatfal to ask if we would like their Ludo Cubes to test out and give our feedback. As I hadn’t heard of the company before and the cubes looked pretty cool, we couldn’t say no!

Educatfal Ludo Cubes

Not just fun for the little ones, the cubes are educational. They don’t just teach your children their ABC, but are unique in that they also teach the Arabic letters and numbers.

There are a total of 10 stacking cubes made of sturdy cardboard so will be able to handle a few knocks from little hands. Once stacked they reach a height of 85cm.

Educatfal stacking cubes

Each cube has 5 sides:

  • Vehicles
  • Alphabet
  • Colours
  • Numbers
  • Arabic Letters

Educatfal cube faces

Bee already knows her numbers and letters, both Arabic and English. But she still had fun stacking up the cubes (and then knocking them over!) This is also one toy that she likes packing up as they all neatly fit back in the box  – that turns into a game itself!

We are always looking out for fun, educational toys and these Ludo Cubes certainly fit that criteria. Not just teaching letters, numbers and colours, the children will love the cute illustrations of the vehicles which in themselves can become a talking point.

A perfect educational aid for your child or a gift for others.

My UK readers can purchase these from Mini Muslim Playground: Educatfal Ludo Cubes

Eductaional Ludo cubes from Educatfal

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  • Nice. I checked out their website but its not in English. These are great though… I’m looking forward to more of your posts, as I do get a lot of ideas for where to get baby/kids toys. I love the Arabic letters part of these blocks.

  • It seems pretty neat and i really liked it! My toddlers love stacking up and hitting the tower into pieces – i must look it at amazon to order it.

    I didnt like the numbers side though, could be made more fun i think. But anyway – thankyou for sharing

  • Wow…this looks like a fab product…as they are made of sturdy cardboard they may be less weight to easily lift by kids and non harmful….

  • So many cute and fun educational toys for kids these days. Alhamdulillah. Well done for doing your best to provide your kids your kids with such great tools. Allahumma barik

  • Had never heard of this cubes before but if they’re educational then having them for kids is a really good idea!

  • I love things that serve multiple purposes – we live in such a tiny space Alhamdullilah that I’m so selective about what I buy for them and want to make sure it does more than just one thing! These are great!

  • These look so cute! I love when toys are both fun and educations. It’s a great way to teach kids how to be productive even when doing something enjoyable 😉

  • Salam aleykoum, the ludo’ cube very interesting me.
    How can I do to buy it, I’m from france and excuse for my level’s english.
    I wait your answer on my mail
    BarakAllahou fiki