Project 365 – April 2 to April 8

Another week of hospital visits so not a particularly interesting week again.

Day 92 – Those who read last weeks Project 365 will know that on Saturday I had to call the ambulance for dad. Hubby arrived at the hospital later that night and dad was eventually moved to the medical assessment unit at 1am. The junior doctor pretty much said they were going to just observe him overnight as his vital signs all seem to be ok. We did say he needs to go on the drips he was on last time as they help his confusion but they didn’t listen. I left the hospital at 1.30am and hubby stayed with dad as he was very confused. When I then went to collect hubby at around 9am……the exhaust on his car fell off (a box part), so while he waited for breakdown I called my sister. They arrived very quickly as I had explained to them my hubby is diabetic and been awake all night and needs food and meds. He had a few hours sleep and then went back that night to spend the night with dad again.

Day 93 – Hospital visits again….they are now saying dads blood levels are low so they want to observe him more and he may need a blood transfusion….however nothing was done all day. Got the girls some dessert in the evening .

Day 94 – My husband didn’t spend the night in hospital last night as he needed to sleep himself properly and he has to work too. We left dad in the hospitals care and this is what happened. However the thing that made me very angry was it wasn’t recorded anywhere what had happened. A doctor came to speak to us saying he was going to put dad on the drip (the one we had said he needed in the first place) and when he lifted the bed clothes we saw the wounds. He couldn’t explain what had happened…..and the nurses in the ward had no clue as he was moved to them overnight and nothing was recorded. The nurse was very apologetic and said if she had known she would have changed his bandages and also he shouldn’t have had those plasters as his skin was sensitive. 6 hours later from asking what had happened my sister said we may be quiet but if we don’t get answers my sister will come and let rip at you all (I am the one that speaks up). They then said they think it happened on the bed bars as he was trying to get out. Note: THINK. Spoke to PALS and they said if we want to complain then probably better to put in a complaint once dad is discharged for it to go through the official channels. Due to the state of his legs hubby again ended up staying with dad but the nurse sent him home at 1am as they gave dad some meds which would make him sleepy for 6-7 hours.

Day 95 –  Although the doctor ordered the drip yesterday, it didn’t arrive until today. They gave dad two of these. Due to what happened with his legs, there is now a carer who keeps an eye on dad and another patient. However hubby stayed with dad again until midnight. Felt better about coming home due to the carer being there and looking out for dad.

Day 96 – A bit of shopping in amongst the hospital visits….found this long dress for my eldest. Dad still confused. The two drips don’t seem to have helped a huge lot….and they had put a third one on. Hubby again stayed with dad until after 12.

Day 97 – Hospital visits again. Spoke to the doctor and she said they had ordered an endoscopy as dads blood levels were low and they wanted to make sure nothing was bleeding internally…in the meantime she had ordered one unit of blood for when he returned from the procedure. (From saying on Monday he might need a blood transfusion they finally did it today). She also mentioned giving him an iron infusion.

Day 98 – Bee had her karate belt testing today and she got her next one…white and blue. These are the children ones…she has a long way to go yet until she’s a black belt. Went to visit dad…still some confusion but there has been a minor improvement…he managed to eat some melon himself we took for him.

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