Project 365 – April 9 to April 15

Day 99 – Not really pleased with some of the care that dad is receiving. The bandages on his legs clearly needed changing which hadn’t been done so had to actually ask them to be changed. The blood was beginning to seep through and they smelt… but for today heres a pic of Bee’s new sandals that she got.

Day 100 – Dad finally had the iron transfusion they were talking about last week.

Day 101 – Managed to do some work on the blog and reviewed It’s Ramadan, Curious George.

Day 102 – Really felt bad for the girls today as haven’t been able to take them anywhere so far these holidays. The majority of the hospital visits are falling on me…which isn’t fair but what can I say? I am resigned to the fact that everything seems to being dumped on me. Apparently I have all the time in the world as I am a stay at home mum and don’t go out to work…and don’t deserve a day off from the visits, but my sister is managing some jolly day outs with her visiting in laws (and frankly I don’t care if she reads this because yes right now I am angry and bitter). My mum has said to me to take the girls out and she will get hold of a taxi and go but I don’t feel right her going alone.

Day 103 – Hubby took a day off today but couldn’t really go out anywhere due to the hospital visits and the girls dentist appointments. Even he is moaning now that he is tired of working and needs a day out to relax but what can we do?

Day 104 – We are reviewing a new mattress which arrived yesterday and we unpacked today. It comes vacuum packed rolled up in a box! Review will be live soon

Day 105 – Dad’s confusion has cleared substantially now. Can hold a conversation with him and he can find his way to the toilet again. There is some minor confusion still but I think this is now a progression of his illness and we are just going to have to put up with it. It seems they are looking to discharge him next week.

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  • Glad to hear your dad’s confusion is lifting, but so sorry to hear all the care is falling to you. You and your family need a break! Caring is so hard. I remember my parents going through it with my grandparents and it was really full-on.
    I love the photo on the new mattress, it looks so comfy!
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…Silent Sunday 16.4.17My Profile

  • oh dear am so sorry that the situation with your dad is not much better. I am also sorry that the visiting has fallen on you – families can be so selfish at times like these. at least your mum and dad know that you were there helping (hugs). it is rotten luck that it has happened over the holidays for there girls, but I am sure they wont mind in the long run. this has reminded me that I need too call the dentist! I hope things improve x

  • Maybe you should take your mum up on the offer of letting her take a taxi and thinking of you and the girls for once, I do not suppose your parents will mind. It is amazing how different siblings can be.
    Dont like the dentist myself but always went and always took the children/