Project 365 – April 30 to May 6

Day 120 – A quiet day, shopping, visiting the parents and then chilling at home. These are the parents budgies who I let out to have a bit of a fly around.

Day 121 – A friend visited from Leicester and we all popped out for some dessert.

Day 122 – Trying to catch up with blog posts and got the review for My Ramadan Fun Book live.

Day 123 – Took dad to the opticians and learnt he has cataracts in his eyes. One eye has been operated on before so just needs lasering, but the other eye needs operating on. With his health the way it is the optician things the laser will be fine but they won’t operate. Will have to see what his liver consultant says when we see her on the 18th. So not the best day….so pics of flowers in the garden in an attempt to cheer up.

Day 124 – Popped round to parents where Bee helped mum water the plants…then she suddenly said she didn’t feel well and had ear ache. Gave her some meds and she bounced back.

Day 125 – Bee woke with a slight temp and cough so didn’t send her nursery. However she bounced back (without any meds) and was doing handstands.

Day 126 – Quiet morning, Bee didn’t want to go karate as she said she wasn’t well but seemed ok….didn’t push her. Said hello to all the horses when went to collect the eldest from her horse riding lesson and by the evening Bee was complaining of ear ache again. May have to take her docs next week.

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