Review: Meccano Huracan Spyder

Meccano is a new concept for us. I have looked at the kits and keep meaning to try one but never got round to it. We decided to try out the Meccano Huracan Spyder from Spinmaster because I love cars and I thought it could be something I could do with the 10 year old.

I have always been curious about Meccano as their products also support the Stem curriculum; STEM standing for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. With Meccano, ‘you will use unique metal & plastic parts of various shapes & sizes to build working models’.

Meccano Huracan Spyder

When the kit arrived my jaw hit the floor when I read that it contained 249 parts. 249 parts!!

Lots of little screws and little parts and my immediate thought was that this is going to be SO complicated. There were both metal and plastic parts and lots of fiddly looking parts.

However my fears were pretty much unfounded.

The parts come in 3 separate bags and I would recommend that they are all taken out and organised before you start so you are not constantly trying to find them and you can also make sure you have all the parts that are needed. The bags also contain 2 tools that help with the building of the car and you don’t need anything else.

Meccano Huracan Spyder parts

The instructions are detailed: step by step instructions with pictures help you make sure you are doing it right. Sometimes instructions can be a bit confusing but the instructions with the Meccano set were very clear. There was only one time I got a bit confused and had to ask my brother….but it was more my fault as I had tightened the screws too much and the part wouldn’t slot in.

Building the Meccano Spyder

What did we think?

I thought this would have been a good activity for myself and the eldest. However she didn’t show too much interest and it was a bit too fiddly for her; therefore I ended up doing it all myself.  I do feel that this would be perfect for a child who has a interest in cars and likes to build them up. I did enjoy making it myself, even though there were a couple of times I was getting a bit frustrated, the sense of achievement once completed was overwhelming! It did take a couple of hours to make and it was nice for me to actually have something to do for myself. Although the packaging recommends it is for ages 10+, I do feel that some 10 year olds would struggle but this is totally perfect for the adults. My elder brother wanted to get his hands on it to make it himself!

Meccano completed Spyder


Completed Meccano Huracan Spyder

If you love cars, and love building them up, then these car sets are perfect for you!

Available to purchase from most big toy stores and Amazon: Meccano 6036480 Lamborghini Huracan Spyder Model (aff link).

Disclosure: We were sent the Meccano Huracan Spyder for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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