Review: Getting a good nights sleep with Hush Premium Mattress

Last time we went bed shopping was about 5 years ago and something the salesman said really stuck with me……although it was common sense I had just never thought of it like that. On average we spend about 1/3 of our life asleep. On that basis we should change our mattress/bed more often than most of us actually bother AND get a decent mattress. That’s why I now no longer try to find a cheap one but get one that shouts comfort at me no matter the price.

A decent mattress can make the difference between a good nights sleep and a bad nights sleep.

I had recently been thinking I needed to change our bed. Since having two children, my back has slightly suffered and I end up with lower back pain now and then…and I had noticed this pain was returning in the mornings and I was beginning to wake up a bit stiff in the morning. Fortunately we were contacted by Hush to ask if we wanted to try out one of their mattresses. Perfect timing!

Hush Mattress

The Mattress:

The mattress arrives rolled up in a box….that is one of the unique things about it. It seems unbelievable that a King Size mattress could fit in a box but it did! It did make the box pretty heavy to be honest but the delivery guy was nice enough to bring it into the living room for me.

It is recommended to open it up immediately but I was busy the day it arrived and couldn’t open it but it does not seem to have adversely affected it. But it is not recommended to leave it rolled up for too long.

The Hush Premium Mattress features 1000 (pocket count) 18cm full size pocket springs (not micro-springs) and next generation memory foam.


  • Super cool and supersoft
  • Polyester
  • 40mm Revo Vasco Memory Foam
  • Support Foam
  • Fibre Insulator
  • Support Core
  • Combination of foam and fabric to stabilise the base.

The mattress once unrolled looks very stylish. The blue looks so vibrant against the whiteness used for the top of the mattress. And the logo on the top also emphasises the style of the whole mattress in general.

Hush Logo

Ease of Unpacking and Unrolling

The box is heavy so I personally would recommend having someone help you with it, especially if you are going to take the box upstairs to your room. I believe the weight was around 30kg and it is never ideal to lift any heavy items alone.

Once unpacked it is advised to leave the mattress for a couple of hours to let it get some air and settle after having been rolled up tightly.

You can see our video unpacking and talking about the mattress to see how easy it is to unpack.


We have now been using the mattress for 2 weeks. So I can safely say it is comfortable. It does feel firm when you are lying on it but I am having a good nights sleep on it. My back pain in the mornings has eased considerably and I don’t wake up feeling as stiff as I normally did with the old mattress.

And it has also received the seal of approval from the cat. Rosie isn’t usually allowed on the bed but she has been sneaking on there when we aren’t looking! You can’t get any higher approval than her!

Hush Mattress Comfort


The price obviously varies dependant on the size needed:

  • Single – £370
  • Small Double – £485
  • Double – £520
  • King – £595

You can find more details and size measurements on the Hush mattress website.


Disclosure: We were sent a Hush Premium Mattress for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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