Project 365 – May 7 to May 13

Another uneventful week to be honest.

Day 127 – Bro was coming round to the parents so we decided to do a trip to Southall in London. Dad is doing better but we are still wary of leaving parents alone all day so happier to go somewhere when I know my brother or sister is with them. Decided to do the girls Eid clothes shopping. Ramadan starts in 2 weeks and I know with 16 hours of fasting I won’t want to be thinking of clothes shopping so I get organised beforehand. Have a lovely meal too and topped it off with some ice cream from the dessert parlour.

Day 128 – Quiet morning at home and took the time to complete my Meccano review.

Day 129 – A new book arrived for the girls and myself to check out and review.

Day 130 – Bee is currently going through a whiny stage of ‘Play with me’……constant whining…her sister is at that age where she doesn’t want to play (6 year age gap) so it can often end up with Bee crying. Did a bit of colouring this evening with her to keep her happy.

Day 131 – Bit of shopping this morning and then not much else. Bee loves reading….she would happily sit around all day being read too.

Day 132 – A quiet day again today…..took the time in the morning to get my review of the Hush mattress we received a few weeks back live. It also has Rosie’s seal of approval

Day 133 – Another quiet day but one where I was feeling a bit ‘meh’ and not sure why. Chocolate helped….and then binge watching Netflix throughout the day. Girls were happy to do a bit of painting.

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