5 Childrens Books for Eid

Having shared a few lists of books I thought I would share some Eid related books that we have at home.

I have mentioned previously that as a child it was hard to get into the spirit of Eid. All our extended family was in Pakistan so Eid would generally be a quiet affair, possibly just popping round to some friends homes in the evening.

But nowadays there is so much happening; events, talks and for home plenty of resources to make Eid fun; banners, decorations, balloons and new books are coming out each year. Here are just a few we have at home.


My Eid Mubarak Storybook

My Eid Mubarak Storybook

‘The Eid Mubarak Storybook is a fun and exciting book that teaches children about the traditions of Eid. Join Emaan, Inaaya, Noorah and their friends as they get ready to celebrate Eid this year.’

A fun book sharing traditions of Eid through short stories which children should be able to relate to. You can read our review here: Eid Mubarak StoryBook

Hassan and Aneesa Celebrate Eid

Hassan and Aneesa Celebrate Eid

Eid al-Fitr is here and Hassan and Aneesa are helping to decorate their house before the celebrations begin. On Eid they will wake up early to wash before performing a special prayer outside. After the prayer, it is time to celebrate with friends and family.

Another short story for the younger ones sharing in the exciting that Hassan and Aneesa feel now that Eid has arrived, from decorating, to waking up to going to the masjid.

Eid Songs

Eid Songs

This delightful book of Eid songs combines entertainment with learning and includes beautiful artistic illustrations. It teaches about Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha and Ramadan.

A variety of songs that you can sing to your own tune. Both short and long ones. An example of a short one:

Eid mubarak to you and you,
Eid kareem for you and for you,
Everyone’s happy to share in the fun,
Everyone’s happy that Eid has begun.


Celebrating Eid-Ul_fitr with Ama Fatima

Celebrating with Ama FatimaEid-ul-Fitr is always an occasion for great fun and celebration. After a month long Ramadan, everybody looks forward to a great Eid, especially when Ama Fatima is around. To celebrate Eid with Ama Fatima, is to have lots of fun and realisation that Eid-Ul-Fitr also calls for thanking Allah for His blessings , helping the poor and the needy around us and sharing our love and happiness with each other.

A lovely little story sharing the excitement and traditions that come with celebrating Eid with Ama Fatima.

You can hear the whole story on Youtube:

Husna and The Eid Party

Husna and the Eid Party

Everyone loves to be invited to an Eid party, so when Husna hears about Maryam’s party she can’t wait to get her invitation……Husna begins to wonder if she’ll ever be invited to Maryam’s party.

This book isn’t specifically about Eid but is a lovely short story for the older children (Ages 7-9). It includes some lessons such as making excuses for our brothers and sisters if they upset us and to have patience.


Do YOU have any favourite Eid books? Leave me a comment below!

5 books for Eid

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