Project 365 – June 11 to June 17

Day 162 – There was a small fair on the embankment so took the girls as we haven’t been out much due to it being Ramadan.

Day 163 – A quiet day – so you have pics of the lilies at my parents house!

Day 164 – This is apparently a cake that Bee made out of her mega blocks and we all had ot pretend to eat it.

Day 165 – We have been testing out the Gar Genie from the AA. Finally got the review live today: Car Genie.

Day 166 – It was Bee’s sports day today. Her first ever one as she missed last years due to being sick. She was so excited and was the overall winner of one of the races and won a small trophy! She is pretty competitive!

Day 167 – Some surprise sweets arrived from Mini Muslim Playground for the girls, ready for Eid. They have such a variety of things that are perfect for Eid Gifts: Mini Muslim Playground Eid Gifts.

Day 168 – A hot day and as I am fasting just wanted to hide away indoors. Bee had karate in the morning and the eldest had a pony day at the stables where they got to wash the horses and have a water fight! Had to wait for the sun to go down to water the plants which clearly needed a drink in the heat!

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