Despicable Me 3 – Remote Controlled Fluffy from Bladez Toyz

I have a couple of Despicable Me fans in the house, they have seen the 2 films more times than I can count and are excited about the release of Despicable Me 3 TODAY!!! (June 30th).

Guess where we will be going soon?? Yep you guessed it..the cinema!

Bladez Toyz have released some pretty cool inflatables of some of the characters and they aren’t just inflatables but remote controlled! The were kind enough to send me the girls an inflatable of Fluffy to check out.

What’s in the box?
  • Instructions
  • Deflated Fluffy
  • Remote Control Unit
  • Small repair patch

Inflatable Fluffy

Get Started

To start using Fluffy you need 6xAA batteries which are not included. 2 for the remote and 4 for Fluffy. And you need to inflate Fluffy obviously! I just used my mouth to blow in air and it took less than 5 minutes…and no I didn’t faint with all the huffing and puffing as it doesn’t require too much effort.

Once Fluffy is inflated you are good to go! You turn the switch to ON on the bottom of Fluffy and press and hold the button on the remote for 2-4 seconds to connect the remote to Fluffy. And then off you go!

Fluffy’s size once inflated is 34cm (13.3”) so a pretty decent size. As the inflatable is recommended for ages 3+ the controls on the remote are pretty simple. You have 2 options; forward and turn around.

Now Fluffy isn’t particularly a speed demon and probably won’t be winning any races any time soon (although you could have some fun races if you have the other inflatables), but it is a lot of fun for the kids.

Bee thought it was hilarious and couldn’t stop giggling, and then had to show her friend on the school run when we went to get her sister……so we were racing Fluffy on the pavement.

The inflatable does need a flat surface to speed along smoothly. Although it did work on the carpet it was a bit unsteady and bounced around a lot. So I think it would struggle on the thicker carpet. We tried it on the pavement and on the driveway but as both were uneven Fluffy did wobble around a lot. It prefers the smooth laminate in our living room.

You can see how it does outdoors in our video.

There also appears to be a multi player option with the inflatables but as we only have one inflatable we couldn’t test it out to see how it works.


Don’t forget Despicable Me 3 is out in the cinemas now and there are Super Saturdays happening at the Entertainer on July 8. You will be able to see some fun demonstrations of the inflatables and see them being raced!

If you fancy getting hold of an inflatable yourself then they are available to buy at The Entertainer.

Bladez Toyz Minions Inflatables


Disclosure: We were sent Fluffy to review. However all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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