Project 365 – June 4 to June 10

Day 155 – A quiet day at home. Feeling a bit reflective….my birthday tomorrow and feel like something is missing, that I want to do more with my life…..but not sure what.

Day 156 – My birthday. Sometimes we go out for a meal on my birthday but as we were fasting and couldn’t eat until after 9 that was out of the question. So nothing special really. Treated myself to chocolate in the evening.

Day 157 – Popped into town as eldest needs a swimming bag for her swimming lessons. Bee is getting quite challenging when we go out…..’I want this’……..’I want that’. Was glad to get back home.

Day 158 – Another quiet day….have a couple of cucumber plants that seem to initially do well but then then cucumbers dry out. Not sure why.

Day 159 – Back to town today as eldest had forgotten to tell me she needed a swimming hat too…and she goes swimming tomorrow! Started getting some things for the girls Eid gift baskets. Love Tiger as can find so many things there.

Day 160 – Putting a Airhogs Hyper Stunt drone through its paces. Review on the blog soon.

Day 161 – Bee’s belt testing today. She passed and moved on to white and red. Full red belt next time.

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