Eid Gifts from Mini Muslim Playground

Disclosure: This post is written as Brand Ambassador for Mini Muslim Playground. I wasn’t asked to write it but I wanted to share some of the products we were sent and I feel would make perfect gifts. I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t approve of them.



Build  Masjid, A Fun Counting Game

This game is a huge hit with Bee. It is so easy for her to play, although she has trouble counting the money at the end of the game which we just count for her. The whole family can play it together and she has even got her grandparents playing it with her. You can read our full review here: Build a Masjid.

Playing Build a Masjid by Smart Ark

Hadith Quest

Another game that is very popular in the house with both girls. They love playing it, collecting the pieces of the hadith and putting them together to read what the hadith is. Fun and educational, a game the whole family can play together.

Hadith Quest

Arabic Learning Game

We don’t actually speak Arabic so I don’t know how to say the words. But Bee still loves putting bits of the puzzle together. A brilliant game for those who do want to teach their kids the Arabic language.


30 Hadith for Kids

30 Hadith for Kids

A perfect addition to any household. 30 hadiths explained in child friendly language. Fun illustrations and has been reviewed and approved by a Shaykh.


Migo & Ali, Love for the Prophets

Migo and Ali

A book which is becoming a firm favourite in our house. Fun and engaging, stories of the prophets are shared with a short question and answer session at the end of the story. Another must have book for your collection!



iPray Salah Pad and Prayer Mat

iPray Salah Pad and prayer mat

If you know of a child that is beginning to learn their salah then this could make the perfect gift. A prayer mat along with the iPray Salah pad to help teach them wudu and salah.



This is just a small selection of some products we love! You can find these products and more at Mini Muslim Playground.

Mini Muslim Playground Brand Ambassador


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  • The games look cute, but are probably too advanced for my 2.5 year old toddler. What are the official age ranges on the games so I can keep them in mind for the future?

  • Great gift ideas, thanks so much for sharing! I love that these items are educational too! I can see my children really enjoying these 🙂

  • Those games look really fun. Regarding the Arabic one; it is so difficult when you get these things and there is no transliteration so you have no idea how to say the words! I am thinking of getting salah mats for my kids this Eid and the I pray salah pad looks like a great gift to go along with it. #MuslimahBloggers

  • Such great ideas
    All these are so beautiful and most importantly are helpful in Learning.
    Gonna save this post so that when buying eid gifts I will consider these as well.
    Thankyou for sharing!

  • Great gift ideas for the whole year around.
    My 2year old would definitely love the books!
    Just checked the shop it has such a gorgeous collection, I have some birthdays coming so will be considering mini muslim for gifts inshAllah.

  • We recently received this Migo and Ali book from Mini Muslim Playground and are absolutely loving it! It’s so beautifully written for little ones to easily follow and understand!

  • That’s indeed a very helpful list especially for buying Eid gifts. I want to get these, but probably will get them for my son only and maybe for my nephew when I’ll be visiting them in Canada.

  • I have been eyeing both the books since a while. I love Mini Muslim/Playground! Their array of products is very varied and with beautiful, useful concepts

  • These are so cute!! Love coming across thes posts especially since I work with kids and I have a lot of friends who are new mums so these posts are perfect for them. Thank you for sharing!