Yousuf’s Everyday Adventures – Beautifully Different

Beautifully Different, Yousufs Everyday AdventuresBeautifully Different
Author: Dana Salim
Illustrator: Pavel Goldaev
Publisher: DS Publishing

Why are people different?
Why can’t we be the same?
Find out with Yousuf,
In the Imagination Game.

Beautifully Different is the second book in the new series by Dana Salim: Yousuf’s Everyday Adventures.

This story is based on the question asked at the start:

‘Daddy, some of the kids in my class are different than me. Why is that? Why can’t we all be the same?’

In today’s current climate, an understanding that people are different and to respect those differences is vital. And this story tries to show that people who are different can work together.

The way Yousuf, with his dad, learns about this is by playing the ‘Imagination Time Travel’ game.

‘Close your eyes.
Empty your mind.
Listen closely,
and a new world you’ll find.’

Each turn of the page has a new adventure, starting off with a boat ride leading to an island, birds with blankets helping Yusuf get to the island, swinging on tall flowers and more.

Yousuf's adventures

Yousuf learns of weeds coming to scare off the flowers as they hate things different to them, and learns that if the different flowers work together, there will be strength in numbers. Working together the flowers defeat the weeds.

Our thoughts:

The story is imaginative and children will love to join in with the imagination game and take part in Yousuf’s adventures. The illustrations are bright and bold and sure to capture your child’s attention.

Colourful Yousuf's Everyday Adventures

When the father is going through the imagination game the text is written in rhyming text while when Yousuf speaks it isn’t. I did feel like a couple of times the rhyming text didn’t work but it is not anything a child would notice when being read the story or reading it themselves.

I do feel like the initial question of why are some children different to me wasn’t answered in the way I was expecting…but Yusuf learns the valuable lesson that the differences are what makes us stronger when we unite together….and that is an important lesson in todays current climate.

The book is recommended for ages 4+. Bee is currently 4 and although she can’t read yet she enjoyed listening to the story and used her imagination when hearing about all the magical things that were happening.

A fun, colourful and imaginative book to have as part of our book collection. You can find out more about the series on their facebook page: Yousuf’s Everyday Adventures.

Yousuf's Everyday Adventures Beautifully DifferentDisclosure: We were sent a copy of the book for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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