Project 365 – May 28 to June 3

May 28 to June 3

Day 148 – A quiet day at home. Ramadan has started, don’t fancy days out when the adults can’t eat or drink for 18 hours so a bit of crafts at home to keep the kids entertained.

Day 149 – Another quiet day at home – a bit of Islamic eduction for the girls.

Day 150 – Hubby came home from work and decided to try something new. Mashed up potato and cooked and shredded chicken breast and made ‘kebabs’ out of them. First batch were a mess as they didn’t hold….I told him to add gram flour but did he listen? Second batch were mildly better but when he did finally put in the gram flour they turned out good!

Day 151 – A bit of a wander round the garden made me realise that most of the plants are flowering…and I still haven’t completed weeding the garden!

Day 152 – Decided to treat the girls to some dessert from the Desserts Delivered Ice Cream van.

Day 153 – A bit of an uneventful day……looked forward to eating the ferrero rocher after a long day of fasting.

Day 154 – The eldest’s 11th birthday today. She went to her horse riding in the morning and then cut the cake at my parents house in the afternoon. We don’t do parties…just have some cake. Parent’s aren’t fasting due to health reasons and old age so they all enjoyed the cake while I have to wait until the end of the day!

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