Protecting your furniture in the Conservatory

A few years ago we made the decision to get a conservatory…..with a growing family this seemed like the ideal solution. And a conservatory also improves the look of your garden and you can sit in your conservatory and enjoy the flowers in your garden, or watch the kids play while you kick back with a book and a cup of tea.

Hollyhocks in garden


One of the problems though can be that a conservatory can get quite warm in the summer months and therefore you have to think about the furniture you put into there and then make sure you protect it from the heat and the sun. As our conservatory is south facing and gets a lot of sun we have to be extra careful.

Choose your Furniture Carefully

There is a wide range of furniture available that is specific to conservatories. A lot of it seems to be cane and bamboo but any type of furniture that is placed in a conservatory can eventually get a ‘faded’ look due to the suns rays and look worn out. One of the reasons we wanted to get a conservatory is to be able to have a dining area to enable us to invite guests. So we did spend a lot of time choosing and looking at dining tables. We then had to think about protecting the table and other furniture.

Protecting your Furniture

In addition to cleaning and polishing your furniture, one of the best way to protect your furniture is to invest in good quality blinds. You can shut them when the sun is intense and you can even get roof blinds which will reduce the amount of sun coming through from the roof. Some blinds even have solar reflective materials which will help towards protecting your furniture from the sun’s rays.

If you have the space in your conservatory then move the furniture around regularly. Different areas of the conservatory will be exposed to varying degrees of sunlight. By moving the furniture around then you can make the amount of exposure the furniture gets to sunlight a bit more even.

If you have cushions and soft furnishings then make sure you keep them dusted and cushions in particular can be regularly turned over…so the same side is not constantly in the sun.

Ultimately make sure you maintain your conservatory. Clean it regularly and check for any damage caused by being exposed to the elements all year round.


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