Review: Fun and Laughter with Dobble Game

We were really excited to become part of the Blogger Board Game Club. Family time is important and what better way to have some quality family time than to play games at home. As part of being a member, the first game we received to try out was Dobble.

Dobble game

Whats in the Box?
  • A handy storage tin to keep your cards safe
  • 55 cards to play the game
  • Instructions on how to play the game and how to score
  • Short history about the creation of Dobble
  • Bit of advertising with information about a Dobble challenge app

Dobble contents

How to Play:

Dobble, from Esdevium Games is recommended for ages 6+ and can be played with 2-8 players. There are 55 cards in the tin and each card has 8 symbols on it. In total there are 50 different symbols. Each card will have one matching symbol with another card and the aim of the game is to be the first one to spot the matching symbol.

Dobble is actually 5 games in one. There are 5 mini games and after each game you get a score….the winner is then the one with the highest score after the 5 games. You don’t have to play all 5 games in one go…but myself and the girls did and it took about 30 minutes to complete them all.

Playing Dobble

Our thoughts:

Although the game is recommended for ages 6+, Bee at almost 5 years old got the hang of it pretty quickly and was able to join in. I don’t think she will be winning any time soon but she was pretty quick at spotting the same symbol on the odd occasion before I or her sister did.

The girls loved played all 5 of the games and once all the mini games were done and we had a winner (ME!) they wanted to keep playing. This is most definitely going to be a firm favourite in the house. I can see it being taken out regularly during the summer holidays. What I also liked about it is that the tin and cards are small enough to be placed in your handbag to be played on the go. You could, for example, take it a train journey…..or even take it out on a picnic or a friends.

And for Bee it also helps with her counting skills as she counts how many cards she has.

Dobble is most definitley recommended by us all! The whole concept of spotting the same symbol is so simple…yet sometimes you are left staring at the cards and are convinced there isn’t a same symbol!

Fun and laughter with Dobble

If you like the look of the game then you can purchase it via Amazon: Dobble Card Game


Disclosure: We were sent Dobble free for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. This post contains affiliate links.


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