Project 365 – July 30 to August 5

Day 211 – Quiet day at home today. Hatched our hatchimal. Full review on the blog soon.

Day 212 – A few books I ordered arrived. Another quiet day, archery for the eldest in the afternoon.

Day 213 – Wall climbing for the eldest in the morning and then spent the afternoon at the parents.

Day 214 – Trip to London to see a relative who isn’t well and has been in the hospital for the past 3 weeks…but we only just found it. Then in the evening worked on the blog post for the Fletter game.

Day 215 – Popped to a local shopping centre where Rastamouse was doing a show. Bee got to have her photo taken with them!

Day 216 – Another quiet day at home. Cut the grass and then the girls played with their large snakes and ladders in the evening.

Day 217 – Popped to Cambridge to visit Debenhams to get the girls their school shoes. Review on the blog soon! Treated myself to a new wallet.

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