Review: Fletter – A New Word Game

FletterOne of the ways to spend some quality time with the family is to play some family games together. Usually for the family games we have to get games that are suitable for Bee’s age range of 4 years old but we thought we would give Fletter a try for the oldest.

Fletter is suitable for ages 8+ and it is for 2-4 players.

Simply, the aim of the game is to spot words before the other players and shout it out before the others can.

It is fast, fun and loud! Be prepared to do a lot of shouting!

What’s in the box?

In the box you get 2 packs of cards – totalling 110 cards, and the instructions.

Fletter contents

Fletter cards

Aim of the game:

To spot words, and make the most points.

How to play:

You start off by dividing up the cards amongst the players. Each card has a letter and a number which reflects the number of points you are awarded if you manage to find a word with that letter in it.

Once the cards are shared out, you then take it in turns to place the cards in your playing area. The game starts once there is enough letters placed to make up a word for that particular round.

There are a number of rounds.

Round 1 – make up 3 letter words
Round 2 – make up 4 letter words
Round 3 – make up 5 letter words
Round 4 – make up 6 letter words

After each round you tally up your score and the one with the overall most points at the end of all the rounds wins.

During the game if players same the same word at the same time then the cards are removed and noone gets the points. If they say different words then they can get the cards if the letters don’t overlap. If they do overlap then noone gets the cards and again they are removed.

Getting Flettered

You don’t just gain points in Fletter by finding words. You can actually lose them too! If you shout out a word that is not there then you get a ‘flettered’ card which deducts 2 points from your score. You can also get a ‘flettered’ card if you mix up the rounds by saying a 4 letter word in a 3 letter round etc.

Fletter card

What did we think?

The game is pretty simple to play and it is easy to pop into your bag and take it with you and play on the go. It is not just a game but can be seen to be educational as it makes the children think about words and spellings and come up with the correct word.

I liked the colour combinations of the cards and the Flettered cards were pretty colourful. The game is pretty fast paced and the eldest was getting a bit annoyed that I was picking up on words so quickly and beating her! If you are a fan of word games then you more than likely will enjoy playing this with the family.

As Fletter is yet to officially launch in the UK you can find out more about the price and also purchase it by emailing

Playing Fletter

Disclosure: We were sent Fletter for the purposes of review. However all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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