Get Your Perfect Fit with Hotter Shoes

Can you remember the last time you got your feet measured? I couldn’t!

Even though I am so careful with the girls shoes, making sure they are measured every time we get a new pair and taking the time to make sure the shoes fit them comfortably, when it comes to myself I pretty much just go to the size 5 aisle, grab a pair of shoes, quick try on and all done! Yes my feet may no longer be growing but it is still important to make sure your shoes fit you correctly.

And this is where Hotter comes in.Hotter Fit Fortnight

I first learnt about Hotter last year when I was invited to one of their events. It was there I realised how passionate they were about shoes; making good quality, comfortable shoes.

As they are so passionate about their shoes and the fit, Hotter have launched their first ever Fit Fortnight event running from September 24 to October 8. They have trained 400 Hotter Fit Ambassadors across the UK and have more qualifying regularly. So although the event is only until the 8th October, Hotter with their Hotter Fit Ambassadors are committed to ensure you have the perfect fit all year round!

Our local Hotter store was holding the event along with ‘Prince Charming’ to truly give the shoppers that day their Cinderella moment!

And how fabulous is the chair??

Hotter Cinderella Chair

Get your perfect fit

The first step is obviously to get your feet measured. But the fitting service doesn’t end there. The fitter will bring out your chosen shoes and ensure they are fitting correctly. The fitters have knowledge of the shoes and will ensure you are finding them comfortable. What is also great is that they do half sizes which is handy for those who may not comfortably fit a whole number size.

Hotter have a wide range of styles to suit all tastes. From casuals to more formal shoes; and boots perfect for winter.

Hotter casuals

Not just shoes, they also have accessories like handbags to match the shoes.

Hotter accessories

Samia Boots

I have always found Hotter shoes comfortable but so far haven’t tried their boots. Spoilt for choice it was a hard decision but I decided to try out their Samia boots. I am not the most adventurous when it comes to shoes and boots so opted to stick with the colour black even though the shoes also looked amazing in the Plum and Truffle colours.

Samia Hotter Boots

Being a fan of ankle boots I end up with a bit of a collection, much to my husbands amusement and eye rolling when I get another pair. The Samia boots literally feel like a glove and are extremely comfortable. The heel is just the right height at 2 inches and the dual zip closures give them a stylish look. The sole is also lightweight and flexible which adds to the comfort factor. I now sometimes find pointy toes uncomfortable after a long day so the round toe on these shoes are perfect for when I am rushing round.

So why not find your perfect fit? If you can’t get into the store to see a Hotter Fit Ambassador you can try out the online fitting guide at  Any questions can also be asked of an Ambassador by phone on 0800 083 8490.

Disclosure: I received a pair of shoes of my choice in exchange for attending the event. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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  • This is a great concept! I have so much trouble with shoes! Different brands fit differently and sometimes I’m half a size bigger or smaller, and sometimes even one full size!

  • This is actually quite interesting. I do pretty much the same as you. Walk into the shoe aisle have a look at the size 4s and if theres nothing there then thats it. Some 4s fit me perfect some 3s fit me perfectly! I should really check out what my actual shoe size is!

  • Comfort is the mantra when I go to buy shoes….i rarely concentrate on design…I buy shoes which care my feet….this brand sounds great to me….nice review…..

  • The combination of comfort and style are difficult to come by…but it seems you scored 🙂 I will be seeing if there is a Hotter ambassador near me. Enjoy the new shoes!

  • Hotter sounds like a brand that really care about quality. I think the fact that they measure you too says it all. Can’t remember the last time I got measured!

  • I love that they make sure the shoes fit you perfectly and that they carry half sizes! My feet are an odd size, as I range anywhere from a size 7.5 to an 8.5 (Canadian), so this store would be ideal for me! P.S love the ankle boots you chose- they look so stylish and comfy 🙂