Project 365 – October 1 to October 7

oct 1 to Oct 7

Day 274 – Although hubby usually has Sunday off he decided to work today as had to take off 2 days during the week…so it was another quiet Sunday. Was planning to take the girls to the fair but it started raining… let them watch some films on NOW TV. Rosie had a chilled out day with us too.

Day 275 – Lunch with a friend….without any kids!! What a novelty….so nice to not have to say, ‘behave’, ‘stop that’, ‘will you just eat?’ etc etc! Good food and a good catch up!

Day 276 – Went to an exercise class after a long time and it was an intense workout (my legs ached for days much so that going up and down stairs was so painful and even getting up and sitting down hurt!) Had been invited to a school governors meeting in the evening to see how they are run and decide if I want to join them. As it was the first one of the year it was pretty much sorting out who does what….I ended up leaving before it ended as the Chair said I could go at any point. I had promised the girls to take them to the fair as it was cheap night, eldest is getting more brave when it comes to the rides and will pretty much go on anything.

Day 277 – Email from the Chair of Governors, who after I left yesterday discussed it with the others and they are happy for me to join the team. However another parent has expressed an interest so it could end up as an election. Caught up with some blog work and started work on reviewing a book: Migo and Ali Love for the Prophets.

Day 278 – Popped over to the parents first thing and then worked on another blog post, this time about the Hotter Fit Fortnight.

Day  279 – A chilled out day while the girls were at school…and then in the evening popped out for some dessert.

Day 280 – Have registered Bee at one of the local mosques for some Saturday classes. She starts next week and today was a meeting for parents and to purchase the books. She seems excited to start! Will see how it goes.

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