Project 365 – October 8 to October 14

Day 281

Today was the annual half marathon that passes by my parents house. So even though it was Sunday the girls and I were up and out and at my parents for 9.30 before the roads shut. One of my old work colleagues and friend was running it this year so we had to cheer her on!

Day 282

A quiet day. This plant was my mums until it got sick and dad decided to throw it…but I rescued it and came back stronger….my mum kept asking about and ended up giving it back because I kept forgetting to water it anyway!

Day 283

Ever since I got the screen on my iPhone 6 changed it has been a bit temperamental. The final straw was when it decided to not take photos on Sunday as I was trying to get pics of my friend running past….so decided to go for the 8. And ended up getting the plus as I use my phone a lot to watch programmes so a bigger screen was ideal.

Day 284

Was craving burger and chips today so hubby got some on his way home from work.

Day 285

Went to Bee’s school in the morning to learn about their ‘Finger Gym’ which is to help with their fine motor skills. Apparently they do a ‘dough disco’ every morning which is a video of a women having lots of fun with playdough….rolling it, squashing it…..pressing fingers in it….and the parents had to join in! I couldn’t take a picture in school as we aren’t allowed so you have a picture of a Vitamin D testing kit I have been sent to write about as a campaign is coming up.

Day 286

Got a letter to say Bee is getting her first certificate next week!

Day 287

Bee had her first session at the mosque in the morning and while she was there I took the eldest for her eye examination. As there is a history of short sightedness and diabetes in the family I make sure she is checked regularly and will start taking Bee too when the eldest has her next appointment. As we still had time to kill we popped into the dessert parlour a few shops down from Specsavers and treated ourselves.

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