Review: Shnook Plush Doll

What are Shnooks I hear you asking? That was my first question too. Having never heard of them I scratched my head and went off to google!

What are Shnooks?

Shnooks come from Shnook Brook: A magical place where a rainbow meets a waterfall and little Shnooks are born.

Shnooks are soft toys which arrive packed in a bubble. You have to pop the bubble and shake them until they reach their size which is 8x their original size.

Shnooks packs

Shnook in bubble

Pop the bubble and get your Shnook out and shake!

What’s in the pack?

You receive:

  • 1 Shnook
  • Haircomb
  • Hairbands

Shnooks contents

What did we think?

The girls love soft toys and have a vast collection so were really excited to see the shnooks. The fun was to get them out the bubbles and shake them to make them ‘magically grow’. I must admit that I personally was slightly disappointed with the growth, maybe I was expecting too much but the growth to me mainly seemed to be the hair. ! But the girls loved the whole concept and thought it was pretty hilarious that they had to shake them.

Once they are at full size then it is all about the hair. You can comb the hair and try out different hair styles with the hair bands.

What the girls also loved about them is that the Shnooks have their own names and personalities. Bee’s Shnook is called Shazam and Shazam loves to go on adventure with you….perfect for Bee who loves adventures. The eldest was left with Shay, who gives you courage and might. They have been asking if they can get the rest of them!

The Shnooks retail at around £7.99 which I feel is reasonable for a soft toy. Plus you have the added bonus of unpacking and shaking them and playing with their hair. You can purchase them from all good retail stores and from Amazon: Shnooks Plush Toy (Variety of styles – style picked at random).

And if you love Shnooks then you can download a guide, poster and colouring pages from their website: Shnooks.

Hairstyle Shnook

Shnooks review

Disclosure: We were sent two Shnooks for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. This post contains affiliate links.

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