Review: Kurio 2.0 Smart Watch for Kids

Bee at 5 years old is into technology and has apps on our tablet with educational games. And on the odd occasion is allowed to play games on my phone. Although some are against technology for the younger ones, I am a fan provided it is used wisely.  So when we were sent the Kurio Watch we couldn’t wait to see what it was capable of.

Picture of Kurio Watch 2.0 in box

  • Watch
  • Pink Strap
  • Purple Thermal Strap (which changes to blue with heat)
  • USB cable to charge the watch
  • User Manual

Contents of the Kurio watch box


The watch has numerous features and we are still discovering them all.

  • 1.54-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels
  • Internal Memory 256MB – Ability to expand storage with a MicroSD card slot
  • Messaging ability
  • Camera and Video
  • Apps and Games
  • Timer
  • Alarm
  • Calendar
  • Music
  • Activity Tracker
  • In Case of Emergency Info
  • Ability to expand storage with a MicroSD card slot

Note messaging and calls out are possible when paired with a phone via bluetooth. We haven’t tried out this feature as I don’t think I want Bee to have access to my phone and randomly send out messages! The other issue is that the Kurio Watch Messenger App is not available for iPhones, only Android, so she couldn’t use it even if I allowed her to.

Close up of Kurio Watch face

Our Thoughts

As soon as it arrived Bee couldn’t wait to try it out but of course we had to charge it first. It was recommended to charge it for 3 hours. Once it is charged up you have to set it up and you can see a video of the set up process in this video:


The app that Bee was most interested in was the camera. She was immediately taking photos of things and taking selfies with the rest of the family. And it is selfies the camera is mainly good for…it is difficult to take pictures of anything else. Although she was determined to take a picture of the food when we went to eat out (she takes after me!)

As can be expected, the quality of the photos isn’t fantastic if you are used to the ‘adult’ smartphones but I heard no complaints from Bee. She even tried to insist we stop the car on a country road so she can film and take pictures of a random field. Needless to say we didn’t stop.

There are a number of games in the watch, including snake and tic tac toe. Bee loves playing Tic Tac Toe and was getting everyone to join in. The only downside is that the watch does not have the ability to download any more games so you are pretty much left with just these and of course kids can get bored playing the same thing.

With extensive play in one go the battery will last around 3 hours and with light use you will probably need to charge it every 3-4 days. We took it on a trip to Leicester (1 hour drive away) and it kept her entertained on the journey.

The watch itself is pretty bulky and can’t just slip on under her coat. It has to come off before the coat can be put on and taken off or the sleeve gets stuck.

The eldest at 11 years old has been having a go with the watch too and it keeps her entertained for a short while. However as she has a spare iPhone to play games on the watch didn’t really impress her. The watch is recommended for ages 6+ but Bee at 5 years old is completely capable of using it and it has become her current favourite thing.

The watch retails at arounf £79.99 and for more information about the watch you can check it out on the Kurio Website.

The Kurio watch is a nifty little watch packed with lots of features and the younger ones are sure to love it.


Disclosure: We were sent a Kurio Smart Watch for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  • I love the way she is taking pic…..this watch sounds awesome to me….Thank you for sharing about the wonderful gadgets…Whenever I am here…I am amazed by the new things are market is coming up with these days….

  • The watch looks great – the only thing I’d be wary about is the messaging, so it’s good that it’s not an automatic feature and the option is given to connect/ disconnect it. And photo features always works magic with little kids hehe

  • Wow, this watch is wonderful. Never heard of it before! Yeah.. kids get bored playing the same games.. but even then the camera takes it over! Nice review sis. Thanks for sharing.

  • Awww children are so pure. I bet Bee felt like an entire adult whilst wearing a watch but at the same time maintained her innocence as she didn’t care that the quality of the photos weren’t great as long as she felt like her mum for a moment. SO ADORABLE!

  • Although a lot of people talk about how technology is ruining our lives, I do believe that if utilized properly it only improves it! One of my favorite memories is a VTech Power Pad, which was a kid computer with trivia. I loved it! As long as we are careful of the purpose and content, it can be fun and educational. Hope your family enjoys it!

  • Aww adorable pictures. Wow this watch has so many features. Children are more interested in taking selfies and playing games on smartphones so it looks good.