Project 365 – October 29 to November 4

October 29 to Nov 4

Day 302 – Hubby decided to go to work as he had to take a day off during the week day so it was a quiet one at home. The mosque had invited the students for an awards ceremony and had asked the little ones to go too. I was a bit doubtful as she has only had three sessions but they had decided to include the younger new students with a ‘Fantastic Effort Award’. I thought that was nice and encouraging.

Day 303 – Back to school and back to routine. We don’t celebrate Halloween at all but had to take a picture of Bee and the skeleton at karate.

Day 304 – A day of trying to catch up with blog stuff and general tidying up. These are just some of the dolls on Bee’s bed. I am not entirely sure how she sleeps herself with her bed crowded so much!

Day 305 – Bee’s first every parents evening. Teachers are happy with her and said they see lots of potential in her. She is bright, confident and popular with the other kids. Decided to have a treat of shortbread and milkshake in the cafe opposite the school.

Day 306 – Another day of trying to catch up with blogging stuff while the girls at school. My To-Do list just seems to be growing!

Day 307 – Bee received a Kurio watch to review and was engrossed with it after school. Review on the blog soon.

Day 308 – Eldest at horse riding and Bee at mosque in the morning. Collected the eldest in the afternoon and Bee was allowed to go in to see Princess in her stable and stroke her. Then did some fireworks in the garden.

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