Project 365 – December 24 to December 31

Day 358 – One of the neighbours gave the girls some candy canes for Christmas. Unfortunately hubby accepted them from her son without checking and they have cochineal extract in them which we can’t eat. Felt a bit bad going to return them as the lady is elderly and is a stroke victim so doesn’t always understand me or vice versa. So decided to keep them and give them to friends…and will try to explain to her about sweets next time her son is here.

Day 359 – Christmas Day, we don’t celebrate and on top of have had a cold since Saturday so we lazed around in our pyjamas and I started work on a book review: The Muslims by Zanib Mian. Also checked out the sales online…I don’t go to the sales but always order online.

Day 360 – Still feeling rough and the parents came round to visit and took Bee shopping with them to give me an hours break.

Day 361 – Still feeling rough…felt bad for the girls as done nothing all week but they seemed quite content at home. Although they watched a bit more TV than I would have liked. Started work on a new blog review, a game called Ticket To Ride.

Day 362 – This cold seems particular nasty and was hard to shake off. Still feeling rough. Some of the sales items I ordered started to arrive. Then popped to the furniture shops to see if we could find a bed for Bee. Didn’t like any so ordered one off online that Bee likes – it’s a mid sleeper.

Day 363 – Another quiet day spent at home. Finally starting to feel a bit better. This week has been a total washout…done absolutely nothing! Rosie was happy though as she’s been getting a lot of attention.

Day 364 – Eldest at horse riding in the morning and then popped to the parents house to check in on them as not been all week.

Day 365 – It’s Dad’s birthday on January 1st but as we were all together today decided to get the cake today. Last year we thought we wouldn’t see Dad’s next birthday but he has fought back. And although not 100% he is as stable as he can be as the liver hasn’t worsened in his last 2 scans. Hoping he remains stable throughout 2018.


And that’s a wrap! Happy New Year everyone! And I may be back with Project 365 next week..or I might not……


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  • Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling so ill all week. Glad you’re feeling better now. I never have the patience for online sale shopping – or shopping in shops either!
    It must be such a relief that your dad has made it through the year and is more stable now.
    Happy new year!

  • Bummer you have not been well, but sounds like some nice relaxation has been had.
    Nice to hear your Dad has cerebrated another birthday and is still doing ok.
    Those kiddy size trollies were taken away from a few pf our stores as kids were running riot with them.