Review: The Muslims by Zanib Mian

The Muslims
Author: Zanib Mian
Age: 8-11 years old
RRP: £8.99

Omar is a kid with a huge imagination. He knows a thing or two about getting through life as a nine year old Muslim in Britain. When Omar’s life is turned upside down, as he moves to a new school and becomes the subject of the class bully’s attention, his imagination goes into overactive mode. He attempts to apply the Islamic teachings his family have equipped him with, to his now very challenging life, with entertaining results!

You can watch the trailer for the book here:

Zanib Mian, The Muslims is pretty unique in that I personally haven’t come across a book about Muslims written in a fun and amusing way, but also tackling some difficult issues.

The book isn’t written in your standard way but in a comic style with a variety of text styles and various comic images.

There are many laugh out moments and things that children can really relate to. My eldest agreed it is funny and as she is a complete bookworm and widely read, she isn’t always easy to impress.

One of my favourites from the book has to be the comparison of a Muslim Woman and a Witch.

Aside from the fun bits of information, (although serious due to the fact that things like this sadly do need to be addressed), more difficult issues are discussed in the book. Such as the fact ‘Asians will be kicked out of the country’ and because Omar is Muslim it is not his country.


It is slightly saddening that these issues need to be written about but with things like Islamaphobia on the rise they do need to be discussed. Children are hearing comments that they shouldn’t be and it can be a struggle to be comfortable with both Muslim and British heritage.


More ‘simple’ issues are also dealt with in an amusing way…such as alcohol, also reminders to say duas including the protection dua.


Not just for Muslim children the book is also perfect for others who want to learn more about Muslims…and hopefully they will learn that we are not actually that different from non muslims!

Reading The Muslims by Zanib Mian

I don’t want to reveal too much about the book but I would definitely recommend it for the older children. Muslim Childrens Books have been kind enough to offer my readers a 20% discount on the book if you use my special code on their website: Muslim Children’s Books.

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Disclosure: We were sent a copy of ‘The Muslims for the purposes of review. However all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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