Project 365 – November 26 to December 02

Day 331 – A day of tidying and sorting out the house. Had a few black bits of mould on parts of the ceiling so cleaned them off. Eldest was doing her homework and had to create a colour wheel using things found at home.

Day 332 – First Governor Day at school, going round the classrooms and speaking to staff and children. Was an interesting experience and have lots to learn.

Day 333 – Finally got a blog post done which I have been sitting on for a while. About some Islamic Books for Preschoolers.

Day 334 – Took dad to the hospital for an appointment with the cardiologist. They have discharged him from their care now as said all they are really doing at these appointments is saying ‘hello how are you’ as he’s not had a major issue with his heart for a while. They know he has a narrowing in the heart which he has had for a while but because of the liver problems they can’t actually do anything and would be reluctant to do anything. Hubby brought home so treats for me as been in a bit of a grumpy mood for the past few weeks. I think it was just focusing on all the negatives and it was just getting me down.

Day 335 – Lunch with a friend. Found a pretty cool local place which is usually quiet so like going there.

Day 336 – Although I don’t celebrate Christmas popped into school to help set up for the Christmas Fayre…plus as a parent governor I thought I should probably make an effort. Could never do all this when my eldest was at primary school as then I had returned to work. Some parents had baked some amazing cakes!

Day 337 – A quiet day with mosque for Bee and horse riding for the eldest. Then just chilled at home and popped to my parents for a while.


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