Monthly Gratitude – January

One of the things I have realised about myself is that I am not always grateful for what I have. It is easy to sit and complain about life is failing you….but is it? Are you just focusing on the negative aspects? Focusing just on the things that are not going right?

“And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, ‘If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe.” [Qur’an: Chapter 14, Verse 7]

I have realised that I complain a lot…take every little thing that is going wrong and often make a mountain out of a molehill……so I am teaching myself to say Alhamdulillah a lot more. And what better way than to reflect back each month and focus on the good things in life….in sha Allah.

So here begins a new series in sha Allah.


If I am honest January hasn’t been the best of months as my dad’s friend passed away, our fence fell down which was expensive and then we had some other expenses. But if you look further than that then there are things to be grateful for.

Being Alive

My dad’s friends death was sudden and unexpected. It has made us reflect on life a bit more. He was the one checking up on dad and we ended up going to his funeral. Alhamdulillah for being able to say goodbye to him and be there for his family.

The Fence Saga

Yes the fence fell down and it cost to replace it…but alhamdulillah no one was hurt…and we  now have a better and bigger fence giving a bit more privacy.


But moving on from those which were basically the negatives which I have tried to turn into positives:


Dad, although having his off days has had another scan this month and it doesn’t appear as if the liver has worsened too much since his last scan. It was Dad’s birthday and his wedding anniversary which last year we were not convinced we would see this year due to how ill he was. So alhamdulillah for that.

The girls are both doing well in school….the eldest received glowing reports from all her teachers at parents evening and I couldn’t be a prouder mum. Bee has gone up a level in her reading, received a 100% attendance certificate for last term and is practicing to participate in the drama festival in March. Alhamdulillah.


I had my diabetic review this month and I was sure my levels would have been crazy as I have been eating a lot of junk again…but Alhamdulillah although the number rose a couple of points, I am still in what is classed as the ‘pre-diabetic’ range so don’t need to go onto meds. But it has made me realise I need to get back into my healthy eating routine as it is rising slowly again.

Healthy Eating

Life in General

Alhamdulillah although the blogs are hard work, they are both doing great. Our Muslimah Bloggers Community is growing and the summit was well received so I can safely say it was a success. With Muslim Mummy I feel like I have a renewed energy and feel positive about 2018.

I am getting opportunities to go on courses to learn more about being a parent governor; which although seems to be challenging, is a good experience to have. My volunteer work for a local charity is just about to begin; finally completed the forms for a DBS check and in sha Allah I can get started in February.  This is all making me feel like the old me who went out to work rather than just being at home…and it is having a good impact on the way I feel in general as it is giving me something to do other than be a stay at home mum.


Monthly gratitude


Why not pop over and see what other bloggers had to be grateful about in January?

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  • Gratitude is powerful Foz!
    So many things are going on in our lives. If we stop for a while we can fin treasures and many things to ba happy about.
    Gratitude makes us feel blessed.
    Marie Kléber recently posted…Another winter dayMy Profile

  • Al hamdulilah for the things you have faced tnis month. In shaa allah you will grow stronger and stronger

  • I love the idea of a monthly gratitude blog hop! It makes me feel thankful for all the blessings I have, and focus less on the negatives.
    My grandfather recently passed away, it made me feel grateful too because it was a reminder that we are all going to meet the same fate. The important thing is to prepare for it through our good deeds and prayers. Sometimes we get too involved in our daily lives, we forget about that. I hope your dad feels better.
    My dad is ill too (cancer). I wish we didn’t live so far apart to help him. So I pray that your father feels better and am so happy you are able to spend time with him.
    And thank you for the Muslim Bloggers Community! I am still new to blogging. I realized I am not alone in this. Everyone in the community has been so helpful! It’s given me self-confidence and the ability to see myself not just as stay-at-home mom.

  • Exactly how i’m feeling – it’s so much easier to focus on the stuff that’s going wrong. Glad to hear your dad’s doing better now! And it’s good to see you feeling more positive overall, hope nothing will bring you down x
    Joanna recently posted…Monthly Gratitude – JanuaryMy Profile