The Body Shop #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting

The Body Shop are the  first global beauty brand to fight against animal testing in cosmetics. They state that:

‘Over the last three decades, we’ve worked with our campaign partner Cruelty Free International and our collective efforts helped lead to a European Union ban in 2013. But that isn’t enough. 80% of countries still allow animal testing. Animals continue to be used in testing, and we want to end this practice everywhere and forever.’

As an animal lover myself, testing on animals for cosmetic reasons does not sit easy with me at all. The fact that we are making animals suffer purely for our vanity does not seem right. So I was happy to pop into my local Body Shop to sign their petition.

The Body Shop want to get 8 million signatures to present the UN General Assembly in 2018. If you feel that animal testing should be banned in more countries then it currently is then you can pop into your local store and sign the petition while you are doing a spot of shopping. Alternatively you can sign the petition online: Sign The Petition.

Skincare Consulation

While popping in to sign the petition I was offered the chance to have a free skin care consultation. The Body Shop offers free make up and skincare consultations; perfect for if you need a bit of advice. I am so bad at looking after my skin. I keep saying I need to pamper myself and I end up buying products and then never use them. I am basically a wash your face in the morning kind of person and that’s it! So I thought maybe a proper consultation, with recommended products may give me the push I need to get into a proper skincare routine.

The consultation is pretty detailed. A sheet is completed with details of what your skin type is like, your morning and evening routine, what you are hoping to achieve from the consultation and your preferences for scent and feel of the product.

My aim basically is to get into a proper skincare routine, to make sure my skin is dehydrated and try to avoid wrinkles if at all possible! I am not getting any younger! I also said I don’t like the heavy products that can feel a bit greasy and scent wise I prefer subtle.

Based on the information I gave, two ranges were suggested.

  • Vitamin E Skincare Range
  • Seaweed Skincare Range

The Body Shop Seaweed Vitamin E Body Shop Range

As I have previously tried the Vitamin E range I decided to be different and to try out the Seaweed range.

The consultant was aware that I did not have much of a skincare routine and therefore did not want to overburden me with products. On this basis she just recommended the essentials to get me started.

  • Deep Cleansing Gel Wash
  • Oil-Balancing Toner
  • Oil-Control Gel Cream

The Body Shop Seaweed Products

The products were used on my hand and left my hand feeling so smooth with a light subtle scent.

As I also expressed concerns about bags under my eyes the Drops of Youth Bouncy Eye Mask was also recommended.

Youth Bouncy Eye Mask

My other main concern was my feet! As I am pre-diabetic (I did go into the diabetic range a few years ago), I have been advised to keep an eye on my feet and make sure they do not become too dry. The Body Shop have a number of products for the feet. I decided to try out the Hemp range as it is for ultra dry feet.

The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector

I just need to get myself into a routine now of using them all!

Why not pop into your local Body Shop, sign the petition and get a consultation while you are there? Or take a look at their website: The Body Shop.

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  • I used to use body shop products alot! I should definitely go back. They have some of the best products at fairly reasonable prices! Being against testing on animals is a big bonus too!

  • I’m sooo lazy when it comes to skin care, it’s just like you said, I buy products but never get around to using them. Your post got me motivated. Now I’m going to take out all the stuff I got and start using it . I got the drop of light serum from body shop let’s see how it goes.

  • As much as I love body shop, it’s been a while I haven’t used their products. I cannot wait to go to their store & sign the petition because it’s really a good cause

  • I haven’t tried the product here, but I’ve been very impressed with The Body Shop products. Particularly their face oil/body scrubs. I now have ANOTHER reason to shop there!

  • Great review – I actually love the body shop stuff and haven’t been to them in a while – didn’t know they did a free skin consultation thanks for the heads up! I’ve heard good things about drops of youth!

  • Wow…these products sound awesome…I love my feet and take very good care of them and always look out for products to care my feet…will try foot protector…if I can get it in my part of the world….thank you for sharing…