Monthly Gratitude – February

February has been a bit of a tough month, full of colds for Bee and some general personal stress…..but there is still always something to be grateful for.


Bee has been struggling this month with colds and even had ‘Slapped Cheek Syndrome’….but alhamdulillah she recovered each time pretty quick and even managed to get second place at a karate competition even after being ill.

Karate trophy

I was also really pleased with the comments from her teachers at parents evening. They are pleased with her progress and she is working at the level she should be and they want to try to get her above those levels. I think she does need that push as she is a bright girl masha’Allah.

Hubby has been struggling with some health issues and although I am annoyed at how long it took to figure out what was wrong, I am grateful that they finally sent him for a scan and he’s on the medication he needs which should clear up the issue. (In sha Allah!)

Life in General

We finally had a meet up with some of the Muslimah Bloggers from the blogging community. Although it ended up a very small meet, the bloggers who were there had a lovely time and it was great to put faces to a few names. I dragged hubby along as the driver and I am grateful for him….that when I say I want to go meet up with friends he tags along for the drive and then leaves me to it…..he hardly ever says no alhamdulillah.

I am also grateful for my home in this cold weather. I have been feeling a bit ungrateful and restless in that I want a bigger house…..Yes my house might be small….and not in the best area……but at least we have a roof over our heads and a house to call our home. There are many out there on the streets while it is snowing or on the verge of losing their homes. There is laughter and love in our home and for that I am grateful.

Monthly gratitude


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