Project 365 – Week 8 of 2018

Sunday 18 February

Took the girls to see Paddington 2 in the morning. Then it felt quite mild in the afternoon so did a bit of tidying up in the garden while the girls played.



Monday 19th February

Back to school after half term. Spotted the these daffodils at the parents about to bloom. Feels like spring is in the air but the forecast is suggesting a cold spell next week!



Tuesday 20th February

As parent governor I was asked if I wanted to help out at school today. The year 1’s were having a special day where lots of old toys were brought in for them to explore. It was really interesting seeing all the old toys and getting a feel of how children entertained themselves in the past.



Wednesday 21st February

It was Bee’s parents evening today. Her teachers are really pleased with her and she is at the school expected levels and they want to push her slightly to get her to exceed them. I think she does actually need a bit of a challenge at times. There was a book fair happening so of course the girls wanted a book each.



Thursday 22nd February

A parent governor meeting in the morning and then tried to get some blogging stuff done. Managed to get a post on make up live. Rosie as usual kept me company.



Friday 23rd February

After school we went shopping to get some slippers for the girls. Ended up buying new school shoes for Bee too as hers looked a bit wrecked. With my eldest I could get away with the same pair for the whole year but Bee seems to wreck hers. Then we did a trip in the evening to watch Black Panther at the cinema. Bee had to stay at home with her dad and got upset so her dad had to promise her to take her himself one day for her to calm down and go to bed!



Saturday 24th February

Usual Saturday. Bee as mosque and eldest at horse riding. Trying to decide whether I want to start horse riding myself or start karate.


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