Not Wearing Make Up Doesn’t Make You Ugly

I don’t wear make up. I have never had an interest in it…and I think the only time I have had a full face of make up was on my wedding day. And even then it was under protest… with the make up artist firmly being told that if she over did it I would be straight out to the bathroom to wash it off. And for that I got ‘the look’ off my mum. You are never too old for the look.

I guess it came from not seeing my mother wear it…the most she would use was a lipstick now and then. In addition to that my sister never really showed much of an interest either. And frankly who wants to waste precious moments in the day caking this stuff on. I just about manage to wash my face and thats my skincare routine for the day.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with make up. If you want to wear it it then go for it! What I do not like though is this portrayal that women who don’t wear it look ugly….or that to be feminine you need to wear make up. And this coming from women themselves.

Make up brushes

Recently I saw a meme on instagram. Now maybe as I am getting older my sense of humour is leaving me as most seemed to find it funny. It was showing different cartoon looks with women with varying amounts of make up.

The ‘no make up’ look was pretty much showing a uni brow, bags under your eyes, spots…basically making out the women looks hideous. In fairness the other end of the scale was a full made up face which didn’t look particularly appealing either.

But sadly this is society. Make up is every where you turn, make up is used to make women look completely different at times! There are women who are so self conscious that they physically cannot go out without makeup…it gives them confidence. Because they believe they look ugly without applying it and without it they don’t conform to what society sees as beautiful. And then images/memes like this don’t help to show women they do not need make up.

This obsession with make up is then passed on to the children. Who then also start believing that they need it to look beautiful. I was in a facebook group where I mentioned my 11 year old doesn’t wear make up and it was then suggested that maybe I should start doing girly evenings with her and helping her apply makeup as make up is all about femininity. Pretty much saying that it is make up that makes you feminine.

If she is showing no interest in makeup why should I then push her towards it? And to be fair if I tried to teach my girls they would probably end up looking hideous as I don’t know the tips and techniques to apply it all.

I am teaching my girls they are beautiful without it….they do not need it to enhance their eyes or lips or cheeks, as they are perfect as they are. If down the line they want make up I won’t stop them but will reinforce that they are beautiful without it. I want them to be able to go out without make up with complete confidence. But where ever you turn you see pictures of people with make up…it is rare to see any pictures without it. You see Instagrammers and Youtubers, and again they all have it on….or are promoting it. You just can’t escape from it.

No I am not a drop dead natural beauty and that is why I don’t wear make up. I generally don’t class myself as ‘good looking’.  My eyebrows need doing and yes there are issues with facial hair because I am light skinned and my hair is dark….and today a random spot did come up on my face……but I will not let make up rule my life and my confidence.

I think my ‘hate’ with make up started when I saw a family member with make up on which pretty much made her look like a clown as she had just caked it on. I vowed then that I would never do that to myself. I think I was around 12 then. And then the aunties who would stick lipsticks on your cheeks at weddings didn’t help matters. It made me hate it.

What do you think? Do you think make up is taking over women’s lives? That it is leading to insecurities about how people look? Would love to know your thoughts.




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  • Really interesting post. Personally I do wear make up but not everyday, yes it does boost my confidence especially on a bad skin day and my husband likes it! However, I totally agree with you that the media and peer groups put so much undue pressure on young girls. I have a 6 year old and like you I tell her she is beautiful and unique just the way she is Mashallah, we need to instill their self esteem and confidence without having to resort to make up to make young girls feel ‘pretty’.

    • Yes exactly, we need to ensure our girls feel confident without it. I think generally it’s fine…it’s when people start saying they can’t go out at all without wearing it, even when there are no skin issues then thats when it gets worrying

  • I only wear make up if I am going on a night out which rarely happens….I feel fine without make up.
    There is so much pressure now a days for tweens and teens to wear make up…My youngest is 10 and is interested in make up and has a few bits which she bought herself but only wants to wear it to parties. My teen who’s 15 has no interest at all. She see’s girls going to school a full face of make up on and thinks what’s the point. She’s much rather have the extra 15 minutes in bed. lol
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    • Ha I can totally relate to preferring having the extra 15 minutes (or more!) in bed! Yes I have seen a few girls at my eldest’s school with full on make up as well and so far the 11 year old hasn’t said anything yet about it all…..But then she has only been at secondary school since last September.

  • I spent my entire childhood without makeup so I’m perfectly happy to go bare-faced. My mum always used to tell me off for not doing anything which is why I didn’t like wearing it, but after learning how to apply it properly I feel more confident wearing it.

    Suffering from some skin issues, I tend to wear it when working or visiting with friends but at home or popping out for an errand I’m more than likely going to be bare faced.

    I think if your girls are happy without that is best, kids should let their skin breathe and it saves you from those cringey photos when you look back on yourself haha!
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  • I tend to wear make-up for work or when I’m going out at night. But on the weekend or during holidays you will see me without any.
    I don’t understand why make up would make a difference . I think it’s just another way to put pressure on women and young girls. And to let women believe that they are not “good enough” the way there are.
    Confidence comes from within. It’s what we should told our kids. And then they would make their own choices about make up or others things.
    Interesting subject Foz
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