Project 365 – Week 7 of 2018

It is half term. To be honest it has been a pretty lazy week with not much planned and lazy days at home not doing a lot.

Sunday 11 February

Lil Cutie Pup Ruby

Hubby went to work as he had taken a day off earlier in the week. It was a relaxing day at home, I completed a blog review of Lil Live Pets, Lil Cutie Pups while the girls just did some colouring and watching some TV.


Monday 12 February


Another quiet day at home with not much planned. Popped over to the parents for a short while. Bee has been getting all her toys out so the bedrooms have been looking like a hurricane has hit. While the girls were playing I caught up with some blog work and got a review up of a place we visited last summer: Railworld. Better late then never! (We weren’t asked for the review, I wouldn’t leave actual requested reviews that late!)


Tuesday 13 February

Lebanese Food

Went to London today for a meet up with some fellow bloggers. Was meant to be 10 of us but unfortunately some had to pull out due to sickness….and then some turned away as the car park was manic ( I was lucky that hubby was with me so he dropped me off and left the packed car park), and so it ended up with just 3 others. I was slightly disappointed seeing as I had to travel 2 hours to get there but we still had a lovely time and good food. Although the food was kind of expensive and they added on a £10 service charge!


Wednesday 14 February

Karate today and Bee has ended up costing me another £25 as she has been chewing her gloves and needed a new pair. I was not best pleased.



Thursday 15 February

I was planning to take the girls to the city centre as there was a superhero theme going on at the shopping centre but hubby wanted to go to Milton Keynes to check out a car. So we went along with him, had a meal and then on the way home stopped at the shopping centre to get some cream as Bee’s skin has been really dry since she got her rash when she was ill. These bumper cars were back so she had to have a go.


Friday 16 February

A bit tired and grumpy today. Did think about taking the girls somewhere but in a bit of a slump and didn’t want to go anywhere. So did a bit of colouring and started thinking about things to do for Ramadan which starts in a couple of months. Got slightly annoyed with the eldest as got her this Gel Pen set from Smiggle. She’s been taking it to school and her friends have been borrowing the pens and ‘losing’ them. I have now said I will buy her a cheap set she can take school if she really thinks its necessary to take them but I am not paying for expensive stuff for her friends to ‘borrow’. These she leaves at home for when she has homework. She probably isn’t pleased with me but I am not made out of money to buy her stuff which everyone then borrows and loses.


Saturday 17 February

Heart shaped cookies

We were planning to go see Paddington at the cinema after Bee returned from her lesson at mosque but when we checked online the only 3 seats left together were on the front row. So decided to book for tomorrow. Instead we made some cookies from the Usborne Cookie and Biscuit Baking kit…they were meant to be pink but we didn’t put in enough food colouring.

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