Project 365 – Week 5 of 2018

A week of meetings, doctors appointments and blogging.

Sunday 28 January

Another quiet Sunday. With the expense of the fence the past week we decided just to stay at home. However I ended up going plant shopping!


Monday 29 January

Body shop seaweed rangeThe Body Shop were inviting bloggers to come along and sign their petition against animal testing. Got a skincare consultation while there and purchased some products.


Tuesday 30 January

I have been trying to volunteer with a local charity for a while and finally went to see them again today and get it started. But my gut is thinking I need to pull out. The volunteer work is volunteering for a local charity thats for disabled kids as a support worker….ie filling in benefit forms. I applied back in summer and it took them a while to get back to me…and then even without meeting me or contacting my references they asked me to go on a course….as I was free I went…….

Then no contact again and back in November I think it was, I was asked to go on another course….in house…Then again nothing…..

The meeting was at 10.30 and the girls at reception had no clue who I was meant to be meeting and then when it was figured out the lady was in a meeting that was over running and they had to call the other lady to come from another venue….so I was left waiting until 11.15. Just as I was about to walk off (to be honest I almost walked out when they were trying to figure out who I was meant to be seeing), she arrived.

Wasn’t told to take my info to get my DBS started so gave me the forms which I now have to do an extra trip to their offices to return back to them…..and they want me to start with the form filling after half term.Now I think it is a worthwhile thing to do…helping the less able kids and their families but so far I have not got a particularly professional vibe from them and am considering pulling out…..


Wednesday 31 January

A relatively quiet day of blogging. First a school governor meeting in the morning…this time it was the finance committee. Karate in the evening for Bee where I caught up with some more blogging. Started a new series on the blog which is monthly. At the end of the month I write about what I was grateful for that month…as I realised I can sometimes be really ungrateful. It is being done as a blog hop if anyone would like to join in: January Monthly Gratitude.


Thursday 01 February

Hubby ended up taking a day off. He had to go have a blood test in the morning and decided not to return to work as he would have had to come home early anyway due to me having to go to a school governor course in the evening. He also had a docs appointment and the doctor sent him off for an x-ray on his chest and then we decided to go get some lunch after. We don’t usually get a change to have lunch together so it was nice.


Friday 02 February

A bit of a crazy day today. Kids school drop off…then had to take dad for a blood test…..then had to pick up dad from mosque after Friday prayers…then school pick ups…and then mum had a doctors appointment. Bee came out of school saying she was feeling cold and then while I took mum to the doctor for her appointment her temperature shot up and she fell asleep at my parents house. She managed to eat some chips before bed so I could give her some meds.


Saturday 03 February

Cortex Challenge Box

Bee had to miss her class at mosque this morning due to waking up and being sick….but I had a parent forum meeting to attend so hubby hung about at home until I returned. Bee was refusing to eat but drinking water so didn’t push her to eat…as she was just lying around and resting I decided to get some blogging stuff done. One was a review of Cortex Challenge 2.

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