Project 365- Week 6 of 2018

Sunday 04 February

Bee was feeling a bit better so agreed to do some baking with her as have a baking kit to review! I got reminded why I don’t like baking with kids! I can’t handle the mess! Here’s the review: Baking with Kids and Usborne Cookie and Biscuit Baking Kit.


Monday 05 February

Bee ended up with a temperature overnight again and she didn’t feel up to going to school. I had a meeting at the school for some training so had to cancel. Instead we just chilled at home. Want to get started on my garden but still feels a bit cold. But so pleased my rose bushes weren’t completely squashed when the fence fell on them. There is some growth on some of them and looks healthy so hopefully being squashed didn’t too much lasting damage.


Tuesday 06 February

Bee had to make her Rainbow Promise today so she can officially become a Rainbow. I thought we might miss the ceremony as she was so ill over the weekend but she was well enough to go to school today and managed to get to Rainbows too.


Wednesday 07 February

One of those days where I felt like I was just rushing around. My Quran class then rushing to get mums to the docs….. a day where I didn’t get a chance to cook so treated myself to some masala fries for lunch.


Thursday 08 February

Had a governor course today….introduction to being a governor. Was quite interesting and got to meet a few other lovely governors. The air con was so cold though that I even ended up with a cup of tea to try to warm myself up (I usually only drink it when I am ill!) The biscuits were nice though!


Friday 09 February


The girls love Hatchimals Colleggtibles so were pleased to receive some. I spent a relaxing day at home today while they were at school….doing absolutely nothing for once.


Saturday 10 February

Bee’s second karate competition today. I must admit I am not so keen on her taking part in the competitions but she wants to so let her. But she ended up having a bit of a wobble and a cry when the first hit was a punch to her face. She went back to win that fight but then didn’t want to do her second fight…after some coaxing by her coach she went ahead with that fight and overall came 2nd out of 5 in her group. She is now in two minds as to whether she wants to go to the competitions again. We shall see.


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