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Following on from our sadaqah jar, we have decided to do a good deed jar. This will be perfect as Ramadan is coming up and I will be making up a list of good deeds to do (which I will also share), but this isn’t just for ramadan but can be a daily thing.

 “And be steadfast in prayer and regular in charity: And whatever good you send forth for your souls before you, you shall find it with Allah. for Allah sees well all that you do.” 
                                      (Holy Qur’an 2:110)

How Does the Good Deed Jar Work

Firstly you need to make the jar.

All you need is:

1 jar (we used an old homepride jar which had pasta sauce in it).

Decorating materials.

Good Deeds label

I decided to print off the words Good Deeds and stick that on the jar but there is nothing to stop you with writing the words on the jar if you have pens that are able to write on glass and can be clearly read. Then just leave the jars to the kids to decorate them in any way they want.



For daily use the jar will be empty. And as the girls do a good deed then they can add a marble to the jar. The deeds can be as simple as helping each other do something, tidying up without being asked to, feed the cat…..

What we will also do is make a lost of possible good deeds and for each deed it will be rated, so the more involved the deed is the more marbles it will be worth. You can personalise this to your child….my eldest at the moment is at that pre teen stage where she is a bit grumpy and quite happy to just sit in her room and read….so even the smallest thing such as helping her sister will come under the good deed list.

Ideas for some good deeds are:

  • Clean up your room without being asked
  • Take out the trash without being asked
  • Go check in on the neighbour (with an adult if don’t know them well)…..maybe take them some cookies
  • Help younger siblings with reading
  • Put the laundry away
  • Say a dua for someone

and so many more.

Once the jar is full to the top with marbles then they can get a treat which will be their choice. We decided to do only one jar as I didn’t want it to end up being a competition between the two and that was the only reason they were doing good deeds…I also want them to work together. With a 6 year age gap between them they often clash and this could be a good way to bring them together.

Good Deed Jar


For Ramadan the jar will be filled with 30 deeds which they will pick and do each day in sha Allah! We may just make a separate jar for Ramadan.

Why A Good Deed Jar?

Kindness is so important, and the jar in sha Allah will aid in teaching them to be kind and helpful towards each other and to others around them. Yes they may initially be doing it for the reward at the end, but it will also help get them into the habit of doing things for others as well.

Good Deed Jar Pinterest graphic

Do you have a good deed jar for your kids?

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