Project 365 – Week 10 of 2018

Sunday 4th March

Hubby decided he wanted to go somewhere to eat. Choice was London or Leicester….opted for Leicester as it was closer but I was a bit wary of travelling down the A47. I know that road well having studied in Leicester for 4 years and with the recent snow I was concerned about the state of it. Although the main road was clear there was a lot of fog. Had a lovely meal but decided to come back before it got dark.



Monday 5th March

Back to normality today with the snow having melted. So just had a day of chilling and not doing a whole lot while the girls were at school. Received some free samples through the post so checked them out.



Tuesday 6th March

Bee made a card and decorated a plant pot for me for Mothers Day. She was so excited to give them to me when she came out of Rainbows.



Wednesday 7th March

Bee made some bread at school. I must admit I get a bit nervous eating anything made at school due to the virus’s etc currently going round…..but had to grin and bear it and eat some. Was pretty tasty though! Then a governors meeting in the evening…and as I had previously said I would come into school and listen to the kids read and was just waiting for the DBS check to come back….I now have found myself offering to go for some training to officially be a reading buddy.



Thursday 8th March

What is a Muslim Book

I was meant to be going out for breakfast with a friend but sadly her little one wasn’t well. So I caught up with some blogging. Completed a book review of What is a Muslim? and also started work on another post about a Good Deed Jar.



Friday 9th March

The school had a special mothers day assembly today and prior to that we were invited to go into class to do some crafts with the kids. Bee immediately decided that she wanted to colour a picture for her Nani and she initially didn’t want to do the biscuit as she couldn’t eat it (it was meant to be for me)… I said she could have it!



Saturday 10th March

Cake box cakes

It has felt like a really long week and to be honest I just wanted to sit and do nothing. But mosque for Bee and horse riding for the eldest in the morning. Outside the mosque there is a cake box and we decided to treat ourselves! Then an afternoon of relaxing.

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