Blogger Guest Post – Spring Clean your Beauty Routine

While I am off sunning myself on my holidays, I am showcasing some fellow bloggers and their posts. Next up is sister Sara Saleh, talking about beauty routines.


Spring is here!

With every season we see a change in our skin’s natural balance and colour. Now we (should!) seeing some sun, the warmer weather should see us getting a new fresher complexion so it is time to spring clean your beauty regime.

Spring clean you’re make up bag

Many of us do not take notice of sell by date on our skincare and cosmetics. They do not last forever, after a while they may start to dry up and lose effectiveness (yes we have all been there rinsing our mascara wand under the hot tap.) They can even start to grow bacteria and can cause break outs! This also includes make up brushes that really should be cleaned weekly. Mascara should be changed every 3-6 months, Liquid foundations one year, any sorts of powders should be 18 months or if they start to change colour in the bin they go! Product shelf life can vary so keep an eye on that use by date.


Why do we exfoliate? To get rid of those dead skin cells and reveal the rejuvenated skin that’s hiding away.
During the winter we cover up and neglect our skin and we can get buildup of dryness in certain areas such as our elbow, knees and hands, I get an awful dry patch right at the end of my nose. So now it’s the time to polish the skin. I would recommend only using a face exfoliator twice a week. We often forget that our skin is our largest organ and it covers our whole body so we also need to use a body scrub once a week as well!


As the weather is improving we start to venture out more meaning our make up stay on for longer and we sweat more! Be sure to cleanse twice daily so you start and finish the day in the best way possible and taking that layer of dirt off and allowing the skin to breathe.

Au Naturelle

It’s always good to let your skin breathe but if you want a light coverage then try a good BB cream. You may need to colour match yourself as you may find that your skin colour has changed through the winter. It’s important that you use a product with an SPF in it and very important to use an SPF on our face all year round as the sun’s rays, although invisible are penetrating the skin and can lead to premature aging and wrinkles.

I hope this has given you a few tips to get in the spring mood and kick start the season.

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After working in the IT industry for 10 years we decided I would leave work to raise the children. One of my passions is food, I am also a volunteer and qualified beauty therapist.
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