Project 365 – Week 16 of 2018

Final week of our trip to Pakistan. Some of the photos aren’t great quality as to be honest I didn’t take too many pics this time….just took some snaps for snapchat and didn’t save them all to my phone!


Sunday 15th April

Evenings was mainly the time she spent with her granddad as during the day he would be busy in the shop. Here she is having put her sunglasses on him and having a play fight.


Monday 16th April

Whenever hubby goes to Pakistan his and his childhood friends meet up at the weekend and eat out or at home. Today was hubbys turn and he decided to host at home….did most of the cooking himself and I helped with the extras and my version of Dhai Baley….which was basically pakoreh in youghurt, topped with potatoes, onions and tomatoes.


Tuesday 17th April

It was our 13th wedding anniversary today. We usually don’t bother with gifts but went out to the riverside to eat. Hubby had initially said we would go alone but I decided against it as if we ran late or anything then Bee would run rings around her grandparents and my FIL is always tired in the evening. Plus her stomach was slightly dodgy and didn’t want my MIL having to deal with having to take her to the toilet if it got worse.


Wednesday 18th April

Our last shopping trip to get the final bits and bobs we need. Found some mangoes…it is not the proper mango season yet so they weren’t as nice as the proper summer ones. We always miss out on those as when we go we usually go in March/April.


Thursday 19th April

Went to the graveyard to visit my brothers grave to say goodbye to him. I always hate leaving him as end up feeling like he is alone until the next time we visit. He didn’t know anyone there. This is the view of the fields near the graveyard.



Friday 20th April

Our final day in Pakistan and it chucked it down with rain. The thunderstorms there can be quite frightening. We experienced 3 big ones in the 3 weeks we were there. It even got cold enough for me to put on a cardigan! A generally quiet day, finalising packing, with some visitors coming to say goodbye to us.


Saturday 21st April

Arrived at the airport only to find our flight had been scheduled in 2 hours earlier than the original time. Hubby had received a phone call advising him of the change but his phone had been switched off! Thankfully my FIL always gets us to the airport 4 hours before a flight is due to depart so we managed to catch the flight! The airport is crazy busy though and ended up stressed and had a go at someone who was shoving the trolley into me….I like my personal space! Was so glad to get home but I did feel really bad for the in laws who I know will miss the girls. This was my view from the plane…well the window was slightly behind so wasn’t even a proper view….and then ended up with a kid who kept banging on my seat to the point I had to ask her mother to stop her from doing it…I had already swapped seats with Bee as the kid was reaching round and hitting her and then when we went to the toilet Bee had left her tablet on the seat and she was reaching round trying to steal it! Such fun(!)

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  • lovely to hear someone travelling with children complaining about children lol. I daren’t say anything for fear of the mother having a go at me, but it’s not fair in such a confined space. It is bitter sweet to be saying goodbye to family abroad, you know you have to go home and that their the ones who miss you more than you miss them. saying goodbye to your brother must’ve been hard for you, i visit my fathers plot when I’m in the UK, it’s not easy is it?
    chickenruby recently posted…Women only in DubaiMy Profile

  • It must be so hard to visit and then have to leave your brother’s grave. Shocking behaviour from the children on the airplane, I would have made more of a complaint to the parents, but lucky you got on the flight at all! I’ve never heard of a flight leaving early! #project365

  • Its always difficult when there are other children misbehaving, especially as we all try so hard to ensure ours behave, I always find I am extremely strict on my seven as there are so many people looking to complain because obviously the lady with seven children will have naughty kids! I have never heard of a flight going 2 hours earlier, and I am sure we would definitely have missed it, well done fil!