Project 365 – Week 18 of 2018

I must admit I keep forgetting to take many pictures these days! But these are the best of the lot!

Sunday 29th April

A relaxed day at home. Eldest at horse riding and I took the time to clean the conservatory ready for the nice weather we are meant to be having this week. One of the things I keep meaning to do is to prepare for when my eldest hits puberty and starts her periods. Have started gathering things together to give to her when the time comes.



Monday 30th April

Finally got the window fixed that was smashed while we were away. Annoyed though that someone breaks our window and I have to fork out £100 (excess on home insurance). Had some issues with a door too and he kindly took a look at that and fixed it for free.



Tuesday 1st May

We are reviewing some Aqua Dragons which arrived today. Can’t wait to see them hatch and grow….full blog post soon.



Wednesday 2nd May

Ordered some honey which arrived today. I generally get parcels delivered to the parents house as I keep missing parcels….and I ended up with just one honey to take home after they tried the white velvet mesquite one!



Thursday 3rd May

Can’t find some of my gardening stuff as was planning to do some weeding so ordered some more off Amazon. This plant was on its final warning this year. I had brought over a cutting from my parents house a few years back and it hadn’t given me any flowers. Was going to pull it out this year if still no flowers. Noticed that it’s giving me 4 flowers so far this year!



Friday 4th May

A quiet day at home – tried to catch up with some blogging work. As Ramadan is coming up did a video review of this activity book and tried to catch up with messages.



Saturday 5th May

A beautiful sunny day. After her lessons at the mosque she got her bike out at the grandparents house and rode up and down the pavement while I cleaned out the car which was a mess.

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  • the period gift pack is an excellent idea, but i would have been mortified as a child if my mum told everyone they had started when i was that age. glad you got the window sorted, was anything taken in the break in? Getting ready for Ramadan here also, not looking forward to it in the heat though

    • I don’t actually plan on telling everyone when she actually starts. It’s a pack to privately give her.

      They didn’t actually get in, just smashed the window so makes me think it’s kids as there have been issues with kids in the street behind us

  • Good idea for your girl! I believe when we are well prepared it makes it so much easier Foz.
    Honey looks delicious.
    Have a lovely week

  • Glad you got your window fixed. it is so annoying though, i had the same when someone smashed my wing mirror, just for the sake of it. our last batch of Aqua dragons hatched in October and their descendants are still going strong! #365

  • A great idea that she a) knows where the stuff is when she does start and b) how to use them. Better to be prepared and have some knowledge of what is happening.
    The plant must have known you were going to up root it.
    Nice to have the weather to get out without a heavy jacket.