Project 365 – Week 19 of 2018

Sunday 6th May

I purchased the National Trust Membership a few months back and finally got round to using it by visiting Belton House. I will write a blog post about it soon but there was some lovely lakes and general greenery there. A beautiful place to spend the day and have a picnic.



Monday 7th May

Another beautiful day. Had originally been planning to take the girls to a horse sanctuary but we were a bit tired from yesterday so just got the pool out and chilled at home.



Tuesday 8th May

Kids back to school after bank holiday and I just chilled with Rosie!



Wednesday 9th May

Had my Quran lesson in the morning, love my new notebook! And then was meant to be meeting up with some ladies for a general chat about religion but hubby ended up coming home from work earlier than expected so ended up staying home. He then took Bee to Karate in the evening while I attended a full governors meeting at school…and Bee got class star at karate.



Thursday 10th May

A day of chilling at home, just lazing around to be honest. The chocolates arrived which I had ordered for the girls to put in their ramadan calendar.



Friday 11th May

Tried to get some blog stuff done today but pretty much just ended up staring at the laptop. So dug out our Ramadan books for the girls, ready for Ramadan which starts next week.



Saturday 12th May

Bee at mosque first thing, while eldest went to her Urdu class. Then was planning to do a spot of gardening in the afternoon but ended up with showers. So an afternoon of films on Netflix!

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