Project 365 – Week 20 of 2018

Sunday 13th May

A day spent in the garden weeding, as hoping to plant some new plants in the coming week.



Monday 14th May

Another quiet day at home pottering around the garden. So another picture of a plant!



Tuesday 15th May

Popped to the garden centre to get some plants. Spent the afternoon gardening and getting them planted. Wanted to get most of the garden sorted before Ramadan started. Decided to eat out at the local buffet before Ramadan starts as probably won’t be eating out for the next month.



Wednesday 16th May

Ramadan Books

Got all our Ramadan Books out ready to read in Ramadan which starts tomorrow.



Thursday 17th May

First day of Ramadan. Last year we made a Ramadan countdown calendar but this year I got out the box I purchased a few years back and got more chocolate to put into it. The first day of fasting didn’t go too bad considering we are fasting from 3.30am to 8.57pm. It went relatively easy. Just started getting a headache in the final couple of hours.



Friday 18th May

A quiet day at home, fasting, praying and working on some blog posts. Worked on a review for Aqua Dragons.



Saturday 19th May

Spent most of the day at the parents and we ended up popping to some shops. I of course got tempted by more plants!!

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