Project 365 – Week 23 of 2018

Sunday 3rd June

It was my eldest’s 12th birthday. We don’t do parties but always get cake and some balloons. Usually go on a day out but thats postponed until after Ramadan.



Monday 4th June

It’s my birthday tomorrow, we usually don’t do much on my birthday but my parents always give me some money. They gave me money early and I went and got myself an outfit.



Tuesday 5th June

My birthday! Hubby actually got me cake this time because I always complain noone ever bothers. Unfortunately due to fasting I can’t eat much as have to be careful with my sugar levels, so gave some to my parents, some to my friend and then the girls had the rest.



Wednesday 6th June

Received some new books for the girls to take a look at. It is a new company and the books are new.



Thursday 7th June

Another quiet day. While fasting things generally do go a bit quiet and don’t really get out as much. This is a rose bush at my parents that I had purchased when I lived there. Love it, always gives beautiful fragrant flowers.



Friday 8th June

I have put my name down to be a reading buddy at Bee’s school for a while now and finally things seem to be moving. Had a brief training session and told them what days and times I am available. So hopefully should be starting in a week or two. Got home and did some blog work and got a review about Choco Dates live.



Saturday 9th June

A quiet day at home for me and the girls. Was trying to take some pictures for instagram and Rosie comes along and tries to sit in a box which is clearly not her size! So her paws had to do!

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