Project 365 – Week 24 of 2018

Sunday 10th June

A quiet day at home. Eldest went horse riding and Bee went round saying hello to the horses when we went to collect her. One decided to nip me on the arm…apparently she gets jealous if the other horses get attention!



Monday 11th June

Eid is at the end of the week so starting preparations. Got the girls some sweets and did some last minute shopping of scarfs and bangles.



Tuesday 12th June

Rainbows today for Bee. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that because there were some gelatine sweets the leaders had made alternative arrangements for Bee. I had never mentioned she couldn’t eat sweets with gelatine that wasn’t halal….as Bee knows herself and doesn’t eat them. But clearly she had mentioned it to them at some point. Thought it was lovely of them to make the effort for her.



Wednesday 13th June

My Quran class in the morning and then a quiet afternoon at home. Beginning to feel tired now and ready for our Eid celebrations. Pleased with how well the flowers are doing in the garden.



Thursday 14th June

Eid is in the air. Got our henna done, collected some desserts I had ordered and Eid was officially confirmed in the evening. Ironing done and all ready for celebrations.


Friday 15th June

Eid day……food, sweets and presents!



Saturday 16th June

Bee has been saying she doesn’t want to do another karate comp after being punched in the face last time and ending up in tears…but this last week she has been saying she wants to go so took her….and she came 2nd and seemed to enjoy herself.

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