Review: Wobbly Worm

We are always on the look out for fun family games and Wobbly Worm by Spinmaster is definitely one of those.

A tasty red apple fell off the tree and rolled around and around on the ground. Out popped a worm and now he’s all wobbly!

Wobbly Worm

What’s in the box

In the box you receive:

  • Wobbly Worm Head
  • Neck Connector
  • 4 Tubes
  • 3 Connectors
  • Apple Base
  • 9 Rings
  • Instructions

Wobbly Worm contents

How to Play

Players: 2-3

Ages 3+

The object of the game is to be the first to get all three of your hoops over the Worm’s head.

Playing it is simple and you have the option to play the basic game or the advanced. With the basic option you take one big step away from the Wobbly Worm and then try to place the hoops over the Worm’s head without moving your feet. With the advanced version you have to take 3 steps back and try to toss the rings over the Worm’s head from that position: Home Base.

You can also adjust the difficulty by adding and removing the connectors. To keep it easy just use 2 connectors, medium difficulty use 3, and for hard use all 4 connectors. Bee of course wanted to have a go at the most difficult version first.

Bee wanted to play the game as soon as it arrived….but batteries are not included. I eventually went and got some and the game was a hit. Putting it together is straightforward….you just add the connectors and tubes. It can be a bit noisy when you switch it on but it is certainly fun for the whole family! The pre teen had a go too and and when Bee took the game into the living room even Nani joined in from the comfort of the sofa……and there was a spot of cheating involved…and that was from the adults!!


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The rings are also different sizes to make you work that bit harder to get them all over the head. Bee was actually much better at getting the rings over the worm then the rest of us! It looks easy but it certainly isn’t! Even though the game is for 2-3 players, Bee was quite happy to play it alone once the rest of us stopped playing. I can see this game being played with a lot by her!

Wobbly Worm is available from most toy shops and also from Amazon: Spin Master Games Wobbly Worm (affiliate link).


Disclosure: We received Wobbly Worm for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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