Project 365 – Week 25 of 2018

Sunday 17th June

Dessert from CreamsWe don’t usually celebrate fathers day in a big way..but it was the first weekend after Eid and Ramadan so we went to Leicester to eat out, and then on our return back home went to the dessert parlour.



Monday 18th June

Back to school after a long weekend (she had Friday off due to Eid). Feeling a bit drained myself, it’s a bit of a slump after Ramadan…and even Bee seemed a bit tired. But she was so excited to share the news about her karate trophy she got on Saturday and shared it with everyone once she got out of the car.



Tuesday 19th June

Dessert from XOXO grill house

Been missing my lunches out with friends over Ramadan. Finally met up with a friend and went to our favourite place. I love their Brownies!



Wednesday 20th June

The girls received some Twisty Petz to review. Took some pictures to take part in the Twitter Party tomorrow and blog post will be coming soon.



Thursday 21st June

Hubby treated me to breakfast in the morning before he went to work……and then took the parents to the garden centre. Of course I had to get a plant….also treated myself to some Krispy Kreme doughnuts.



Friday 22nd June

We received Wobbly Worm to review. Finally got some batteries today and Bee loved playing it. Managed to write up the review in the evening: Wobbly Worm.



Saturday 23rd June

Bee had her belt testing for her yellow belt. She was meant to test for it back in April but we ended up going Pakistan and she missed out. She finally got it today.


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