Project 365 – Week 30 of 2018

Saturday 22nd July

Back in April when I was going on my holidays I learnt from my neighbours son that she had cancer and had been told she only had 4 weeks to live. On my return back to the UK, a week later she was taken away in an ambulance and her son said that she was likely being taken to a hospice as the cancer had reached her brain. She was also unlikely to recognise us and to remember her as she was. I spotted her son yesterday when he came to check on her house and went out to speak to him. And found out that she was in a local care home and often mentioned us as the ‘lovely family across the road!’ I so wish he had told me sooner so I could have gone to see her sooner…I had assumed she had passed away. So while my eldest was at horse riding, I took Bee and went to see her with some flowers. (The flowers in the pic are ones I treated myself to.) She was so happy to see us and said it made a change for her as when I arrived she was just lying there quietly on her own staring out the window. Will try to visit her again but it’s a bit hard in the summer holidays with the kids….although they are both well behaved I don’t want to keep taking them as they get bored.



Monday 23rd July

Bee at school so myself and the eldest went out to lunch with some friends. We decided to go to the Gourmet Bus. I had been there before but my friend hadn’t and both her and my eldest were keen to go. Sadly their air con wasn’t working and it was literally like a sauna in there. I didn’t enjoy the food as much this time…not quite sure if it was just because it was hot and stuffy. Also the music was way too loud. I did ask for them to turn it down (we were the only ones on the bus so it’s not as though there were other customers on there that wanted to listen to it), and although it was initially turned down slightly, when he came up for his lunch he blasted it..and we couldn’t hear our selves talk. Thankfully we were pretty much finished so left without even having any dessert…and you know how much I love my dessert!



Tuesday 24th July

Bee still at school today. We made the most of it by going shopping and also treated the eldest to lunch again with some different friends. One of her old school friends joined us today who she hasn’t properly spent time with since they left primary school. Much better experience today in one of my favourite places to lunch and I managed to fit in dessert. Collected Bee from school and felt a bit sad that her reception year is over….she has had an amazing year with some lovely teachers.



Wednesday 25th July

Took my car in to be fixed…..had purchased a 3 year warranty when we got the car so any issues should be covered by it. Got a phonecall that the condition of the warranty is that the car needs to be serviced and the book wasn’t stamped. We had got it stamped and then had a mad panic trying to get the invoice. Sorted it…dropped it off and the warranty claim was accepted and got told they don’t have the part and am I happy for them to keep the car overnight? Seeing as I would have had to drop it off early again just told them to keep it. Seeing as we were car less and going nowhere, had a bit of a pampering session with Bee and put some nail polish on. Eldest showed no interest!



Thursday 26th July

Got a message at 11.30 to say my car was ready but was busy with cooking so didn’t go to collect it until about 2pm. It was my nephews 23rd birthday so once I had collected the car, I went to get him a cake from Cake Box.



Friday 27th July

Bee went to her first birthday party at a local trampoline place. The place was so hot and stuffy it was horrible. The kids were bright red from jumping around and literally had sweat dropping off them. The gorgeous unicorn cake and melted slightly in the car when the parents had brought it and then it melted even more in the party room which was also really stuffy. Was so glad to get out of there but the kids had fun. This was one of their characters that comes out at party’s…was barely in the room for 5 minutes.



Saturday 28th July

A generally quiet today today. There were some events happening but it was so windy I didn’t fancy it. Took Bee to our local library to sign up to the reading challenge. She couldn’t wait to get stuck into the books.


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