Review: i-Top, an Electronic Spinning Top Game

You know when you find a game that brings out the total competitiveness in you and you end up just spending loads of time trying to beat others scores…and time flies by? Well this is one of those games!

The Next Generation Electronic Spinning Top Game

itop spinning game

So when I hear the words spinning top, I am reminded of the traditional big spinning tops but the i-Top takes it to the next level! With LED lights, a counter keeping track of your spins, it is certainly much more than the traditional spinning tops. And it comes ready with batteries so play can start immediately!


The i-Top does not simply just count the number of spins you do but has a number of other features to keep it interesting:


Spin the i-Top in a specific way as outlined in the instructions and it activates the compass mode.

99 Challenge

Stop the i-Top at exactly 99 spins to unlock challenge stars.


Certain number of spins will unlock hidden animations.

Trying to get the highest score can really bring out the competitiveness in you. When spinning the i-Top it initially shows your last score and then shows the score to beat – the highest score. I held the highest score of 429 until my nephew had a go and on his first time beat my score by getting over 500………I am still trying to beat him! And my eldest is also on a mission to try to beat the score!

The i-Top comes in a range of colours. We received red, blue and purple, but you can also get them in green, yellow and orange. They come with a reset button incase you want to reset the scores and the pole in the middle folds down when not in use; this is pretty useful especially if you want to take them with you as there is less risk of the pole breaking while in your bag or pocket.

The instructions unfortunately aren’t in English but can easily be found online which will also give you some clues as to what numbers will release animations.

The recommended age for the i-Top is 7+. However Bee did have a go at it and managed to get the hang of it….although she got nowhere near our scores bless her! And yes I am still on a mission to beat my nephews score!!

Definitely addictive and fun for all, children and adults. But be ready for the competitiveness!

The i-Top is priced from £15 onwards and is available from most toy stores and on Amazon:



Disclosure: We were sent 3 i-Tops for the purposes of review. However all thoughts and opinions are our own. This post contains affiliate links.

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  • Oh my goodness, it’s the next fidget spinner! I remember the traditional tops with the grooves and string and you ended up spinning it on the ground. I was never good at it, but remember other kids from the road being able to lift their spinning tops off the ground and let it continue spinning in their hand! They’d even battle it out – one top would be spinning and another kid would try to land his spinning top on top of it. The good old days! 😀
    Even with my spinning top skills being at a bare minimum, I would definitely find this i-Top addictive!

  • Salaam sis Fozia! Your daughter is big now mashaa Allah.
    A similar game like this was popular here in the Philippines. But this is a lot more interesting!

  • Wow how cool is this. Never heard of a product like this, seriously it’s so cool. I am definitely gonna check it out because my little sister would love it as a gift. Thank you for an honest review ❤

  • This is really a great article and a great read for me. It’s my first visit to your blog and I have found it so useful and informative. Thank you