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Twisty Petz are exactly what they say they are; toy pets that you can twist!

Twist’em! Wear’em! Take’em everywhere you go! Twisty Petz are the glitzy bracelets you wear and transform with a twist!

When I first heard about them I thought they sounded like so much fun and the girls would like them. I was right and the girls loved them and want to add more to their collection! Bee loves anything glittery, cute, pink and the Twisty Petz were perfect for her. Even the pre teen thought they were pretty cool.

Transform with a couple of twists

Twisty Petz, in a nutshell are beaded toys. They transform from a pet into a bracelet and back again.

And to transform them back into a pet it just takes a couple of twists of the elastic and beads. Bee initially found it a bit fiddly but quickly got the hang of twisting them to bring them back to their pet shape.

Once she got the hang of them they were all on her arm!

Twisty Petz bracelets

Not just bracelets

Bee loves the Twisty Petz as they aren’t just bracelets but when linked together can be made into a necklace. Or you can even add them to bags and purses. Bee added one to her book bag and took it to school.

Twisty Petz Bracelet

Wearing Twisty Petz necklace

Mini Twisty Petz

Kids will love the fact that you can also get mini Twisty Petz as part of the Twisty Petz range. These are much smaller and come in a pack of 4 with 24 to collect. The mini Petz come with a gem shaped box, handy to store your mini pets.

Mini Twisty Pets

Mini Twisty Petz

Twisty Petz are recommended for ages 4+. This is due to the small parts. The only thing that initially concerned me was how strong the elastic was as if it breaks then the Petz are no longer Petz! But so far we have had no mishaps even with quite a bit of twisting!

Twisty Petz are available to purchase in single packs or in a pack of 3. In the pack of 3, one Pet is a surprise. With the single packs it is clear what you are purchasing which stops the risk of ending up with duplicate pets!

Twisty Petz are available from most good toy shops and also Amazon.

There is such a wide range of Twisty Petz they are sure to appeal to all! With Special Editions to Limited Editions which include Pearl, Golden Twinkle, Silver Shimmer and Fuzzy, who can resist these cute Petz!

Twisty Pets and Mini Twisty Pets

You can learn how to twist and untwist by watching this Spin Master video.


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