Project 365 – Week 27 of 2018

As much as I love the sun, I have had enough now…want it to cool down a bit!

Sunday 1st July

Took a trip to London to the National History Museum. It was the first time ever I had been! Hadn’t realised it was soooo big…and it was a bit hot and stuffy inside. The dinosaur section with the moving dinosaurs was pretty cool. The butterfly exhibit outside was shut for a while due to the heat but we managed to get in after 3.30 to see the butterflies. Then went to Southall to eat and do a bit of shopping.



Monday 2nd July

Parents are getting their garage rebuilt. It had sunk a bit plus the roof had asbestos. So trying not to go round too much as Bee would just get in the way. Although she has been helpful a bit by giving the workers water when they need it.



Tuesday 3rd July

Mum had some blood tests over a week ago and the doctor called her in. Apparently some of her levels are low…and they generally do get low but he can’t work out why. As she then complained about feeling bloated and pain in her stomach he decided to refer her for a scan, so now waiting for an appointment for that. But he immediately sent us for further blood tests and a chest x-ray. Thankfully it wasn’t busy and we were done in 30 mins. Now have to wait for the results.



Wednesday 4th July

A busy day today. Had my Quran class in the morning, governor meeting in her afternoon….karate for Bee after school. So this picture of Rosie pretty much reflects how I was feeling by the end of the day.



Thursday 5th July

Another hot day….hubby was home today and decided it was a good day to do a bit of decluttering…….when all I wanted to do was just sit in front of the fan! Popped out to B&Q and on the way back picked up a Gajar Halwa Sundae (its a carrot sweet dessert mixed with cream and ice cream).



Friday 6th July

Was planning to go to an exercise class in the morning but then got lazy and didn’t go. Plus remembered I had a deadline for a Twisty Petz blog post. Photo is of Bee in the garden after school in the evening (when it had cooled down a bit) pretending to be Super Girl……in her wellies.



Saturday 7th July

Feeling really hot and bothered today and not wanting to do anything. After the girls came home from their classes, I planted some plants that I had ordered and which had arrived in the post (couldn’t leave them too long) and then for most of the afternoon were indoors with the fan…watching TV.


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